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Untold Secrets For Healthy Relationship When Dating In This Modern World

dating a modern man and woman

Dating in a modern world
Dating in a modern world


Modern dating has its own unique complexities and challenges. Years ago, couples did not have to suffer through miscommunication caused by texts, emails and social media post. Years ago, men and women did not have to compete with the distracted attention span caused by dating sites which allow for continual shopping for “the next best thing” and the ideology of “I’m losing out if I settle down.” Years ago, there was a larger community of couples and marriages which provided a support system for dating people and new couples. Years ago, men and women were not bombarded with so much negative information about marriage preventing them from seeking long term relationships such as divorce, baby mama/daddy drama, “She’s only in it for the money.” (he could possible lose his financial wealth he’s building by marrying a woman).

Years ago, women were not so competitive with each other to the point that would lead them to allow a man to be “less than” just to say they have a man. Years ago, women did not have to compete with media imagery of “cosmetically enhanced” women portrayed into the minds of the dating pool men they encountered. But one thing still remains the same today as it did many years ago and that is women are the driving force in how interactions with men will play out.

Women, by their action or inaction teach men how to treat themselves and other women. Women reinforce a man’s behavior or teach him that he needs to modify his behavior. Loving Him Better conversations allow women to develop relationships tools as well as a support system that allow them to create more fulfilling relationships with men by teaching tools that begin to erase the decades of group behavior men and women have grown accustomed to when dealing with each other. Women learn to treat him better as she teaches him to treat her better by her actions.

Modern dating takes away everything beautiful about finding someone and falling in love. It gives people a constant stream of better options and a million ways to hide it. It enables men to make you feel as if you are the only girl in the world whilst they’re messaging others behind your back.

Couple on date using cell phones

Healthy relationships involve honesty, trust, respect and open communication between partners and they take effort and compromise from both people. There is no imbalance of power. Partners respect each other’s independence, can make their own decisions without fear of retribution or retaliation, and share decisions. If or when a relationship ends, there is no stalking or refusal to let the other partner go.

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There are some Characteristics of Healthy Relationships such as:

Respect for privacy and space, You don’t have to be with your partner 24/7, Your partner encourages you to spend time with friends without them, and to participate in activities that you enjoy, You feel comfortable expressing your opinions and concerns to your partner, Your feel physically safe and your partner doesn’t force you to have sex or to do things that make you feel uncomfortable, Your partner respects your wishes and feelings and you can compromise and negotiate when there are disagreements or conflicts.

Moreover, foundation of a healthy relationship includes:

Foundation of a healthy relationship
Foundation of a healthy relationship


You and your partner are able to find ways to meet each other’s’ needs in ways that you both feel comfortable with.


You and your partner can share your feelings, even when you don’t agree, in a way that makes the other person feel safe, heard, and not judged.


Building trust can take time and allows couples to be vulnerable with one another knowing that they can rely on the other person.


Most commonly used when you’re being sexually active, giving consent means that you are okay with what is happening, and that no one is forcing you or quilting you into doing anything that you don’t want to do. Consent can be given and taken back at any time.

Every relationship comes from the hand of God. God brings a man and a woman together to love and support each other. Their love becomes visible in their treatment of each other and in their acts of generous service which leads to marriage.  Marriage is the union of one man and one woman is personal, but not private, relationship with great public significance. Marriage is good for the couple; it also provides the optimal conditions for bearing and raising children. Marriage makes an essential contribution to the common good.

It’s not by any stretch of the imagination astounding that cutting edge dating and drinking are so completely connected. The greater part of us meet on applications, and the possibility of becoming acquainted with somebody in light of a short bio and four or five pictures can be nervousness inciting. Numerous individuals think drinking makes them a chiller form of themselves somebody whose more like the individual in their dating profiles.

On the off chance that you need somebody to acknowledge you, at that point you have to make sense of how to unwind yourself enough to start to uncover your identity,” “And you’ll additionally get the chance to perceive how your potential accomplice manages the unforeseen. Is it true that he is or she OK with you doing what you need in such a particular way? Do you even need a second date with this individual?”

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In case you’re lost without a savor your hand, arrange a pop with a dash of sharp flavoring, which contain generally low measures of liquor. At that point, let your more honed, wittier self lead the date with the certainty that you’re dating with a reasonable personality.

Turning the attention on the other individual and setting an aim to tune in to what they need to state, will set you free from your own jail of instability and stop those twirling self-fixated considerations, before you know it, you’ll be profound into a bona fide discussion.

Some specific benefits of marriage are:

Benefits of marriage
Benefits of marriage

Marriage and Health

On average, husbands and wives are healthier, happier and enjoy longer lives than those who are not married, Men appear to reap the most physical health benefits from marriage and suffer the greatest health consequences if they divorce,  Married mothers have lower rates of depression than single or cohabiting mothers, probably because they are more likely to receive practical and emotional support from their child’s father and his family.

Marriage and Wealth

Married couples build more wealth on average than singles or cohabiting couples, Married men earn more money than do single men with similar education and job histories, Married women are economically better off than divorced, cohabiting or never-married women.

Marriage and Children

Less likely to be poor or to experience persistent economic insecurity, More likely to stay in school, have fewer behavioral and attendance problems, and earn four-year college degrees, Less vulnerable to serious emotional illness, depression and suicide, More likely to have positive attitudes towards marriage and greater success in forming lasting marriages.

Marriage and Crime/Domestic Violence

Married women are at lower risk for domestic violence than women in cohabiting or dating relationships, Boys raised in single-parent homes are more likely to engage in criminal and delinquent behavior than those raised by two married biological parents, Married women are significantly less likely to be the victims of violent crime than single or divorced women. Married men are less likely to perpetrate violent crimes than unmarried men.

Marriage and Society

The institution of marriage reliably creates the social, economic and affective conditions for effective parenting, Being married changes people’s lifestyles and habits in ways that are personally and socially beneficial. Marriage is a “seedbed” behavior, Marriage generates social capital. The social bonds created through marriage yield benefits not only for the family but for others as well, including the larger society.


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