What Should Black Millennial Women Do In 2018 For Doing New, Exciting And Funny?

A New Year means a day with new ideas and new resolutions!

A New Year means a day with new ideas and new resolutions! It is an opportunity to celebrate the culture, political, social and economic achievements of human beings. It also highlights those factors where equality is still needed in the workplace. It is hard to believe that, a few years ago, women had only three options for career: Teacher, Nurse or secretary. 2018 can be considered as a year of fun, new, and exciting year for women especially black millennial women. Here we discuss what are those fun, exciting and new activities which should be performed by black millennial women in order to enjoy in the year of 2018.

Some of the exciting and new activities includes: Paintball, Bull riding, Test drive a luxury car, Camp and hike in the wild, Learn a new language, Join a book club, Go to a carnival, Attend a local play, Invest in stock, Attend local open houses, Run a marathon, Take a pole dancing class.

1. Paintball and women

Before discussing what fun in paintball is we firstly define paintball as “The game in which participants shoot their opponent with compressed air-gun filled with color gelatin capsule.” Paintball is easily soluble in water and can be clean out easily from the body. It is an awesome and funny game and every woman should have a chance to play it. The main reason for playing paintball is to release stress, develop your self-confidence and enjoying golden moments with their teammates.

Women playing paintball
Women playing paintball

It is an awesome and funny game if you are totally confused because this game not only releases your stress but also capture the beautiful moments which filled happiness in your life. You just need to wear a face mask and do not ever remove in during game time. It is the only thing which is used to protect your eyes from paintball and blinding you. As a woman, you should use chest protector called armor so that you protect your chest from being hit by a paintball. Valken also has a good line of women’s jerseys, pants, and off-field apparel.

Here I quote one of the BBC news related to paintball and women chest: “The woman, who has not been named, think that she was experiencing heavy bruising, but when she paid a visit to her doctor on Monday, it was discovered that her silicone breast had, in fact, exploded.” So always try to use your face mark during playing paintball.

It is lucky enough to have numerous young ladies on our team. They are so fun and entertaining. They’re the most helpful teammates, always willing to motivate and provide courage to their team. In my experience, the succession from “girly-girl” to paint-baler seems to go like this: “It is going to hurt!” to “I damage too without difficulty!” to “Did you observe when I shot that guy? This is so enjoyable!”  And it’s a beautiful thing.

Some new and exciting tips for players of paintball black women are:

First play with your female friends

If you are new in the game then first play the game with your female players. This is because you will have increased self-confidence and spirit level. If your confidence level is built then you should play with a male to boost your confidence more.

Don’t hesitate to get shot

Getting hit for the first time with paintball looks more scare and shock, but don’t be hesitating because hitting paintball is just like a rubber band snap. So keep enjoying! When you are hit by paintball just say “I’ve been hit!” or “I’m out!” as loud as you can. Lift your arms and gun in the air and move toward the safe zone immediately.

Strong contact with team members

Women are great in analyzing the surrounding and trying to make success strategies. So for leading the women team, it is necessary to make the final decision with the help of women suggestion.

Always try to look on a new schedule of the match

Always check new matches and trying to increase you paintball skills so that one day you become great paintball player.

2. Bull riding and women

Bull riding is the professional battle between approx. 150-pound human beings and 2,000-pound bull. It is a battle of about 8 seconds between man and beast. It is the time at which rider is still mounted on the bull back, after entering of the bull into the ground by breaking the gate and riding of man on bull back and become a professional rider.

Women riding a bull
Women riding a bull

Bull riding is not game solely for cowboys only. Today many women are participating in bull riding and become famous in the world. One of the renowned female professional bull rider names is “Maggie Parker”. She becomes only female professional bull rider at the age of 20 only after competing in 20 redoes. The percentage of staying Maggie on the bull was about 30-40% which is the normal average for professional bull riders.

Here are some points through which women not only enjoying bull riding but also make their moments happy and excited: Use proper language and lose your attitude. Its means always use polite and gracious attitude to show how the top bull riders really look like, always go as many bull riding camps as your expenses and time allow, always try to go for practice pen as your expenses and time permit you, always be ready for the pain and all of the medical expenses associated with this game, Stop worrying about what the men say about you and always show yourself busy to proving them wrong. It is because it’s not a fight between you and them but it’s between you and a beast.

Although Bull riding is a dangerous game because injuries may happen during play these game. Black women enjoy these games only if they have potential to face these injuries. There should be some insurance or some financial backup that will cover injuries that come from bull riding. Injuries are almost expected while playing any game or any play. Although, every game consider as tough game both from physically or mentally prospects. Enough work and strong determination toward work may lead you to get a reward at the end. I have seen all too often women out there trying to make a statement and get hurt & laughed at in the process. If you are riding because you like it, you are riding for the good reason. You may get lots from it and no matter what anyone else says.

3. Test drive a luxury car

Life is full of simple thing which should be enjoyed; it starts with a beautiful sunset to a daily routine. One of the popular pleasures among those is driving in luxury car around Las Vegas. Women are mostly stereotyped as bad drivers but according to new research, they are more efficient and competent than men. While driving a luxury car, women feel excited and consider every passing moment as happy hours. So we can say that one of the more exciting activity, black millennial women should perform is to drive a luxury car.

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Women test drive a luxury car
Women test drive a luxury car

But before driving she should take some precautionary measure to avoid an accident such as:

Focus on driving, Always drive defensively, Make your driving plan safe, Practice safety, Take 15-20 minutes break after 2-hours driving, Avoid eating heavy foods, Always uses seat belts, Keep a safe distance from the car which is in front of you, Always listen to music or radio to avoid boredom.

4. Camp and hike in the wild

Getting outdoors is good for the soul and mind. Wild camping comes up with a sense of adventure, accomplishment and strengthens self-confidence. Somehow, it looks scary and dangerous to hike and camp alone in wild areas. The person having more determination to face any problem, have more crazy moments from hiking and camping in wild.

Women hiking
Women hiking

You can enjoy hiking and make your life adventurous if you follow the following tips,


Before hiking the first things you consider is to choose a location for which you are confident and comfortable. If the location is not safe for you then trying to avoid hiking at this place because it may consider danger zone for your life. For making shelter women should buy backpacking tent which has not enough weight and you can carry it anywhere at any time.

Talk to strangers

Strangers may consider the best partner in hiking because at that time no family members are with us. They give us a great time to enjoy beautiful adventure moments without feeling our loneliness.

Not to camp when you’re menstruating

One of my suggestions for black millennial women is to avoid hiking in their menstruating. But by considering proper arrangement for menstruating you can also enjoy your hiking and camping in these monthly menstrual cycles.

Having a comfortable sleeping bag

Sleep is the vital part of the adventure as it brings calm and freshness to your mind. Women need much warmer sleeping bags of comfortable temperature. If temperature drops to 6˚C then don’t bring a sleeping bag with 6˚C for women but bring 0-4˚C instead.

Cooking in the wild

As a woman, you may cook anything in wild also and enjoy the wildlife. But you still need some accessories like water, coffee, teapot, and gas canister.

5. Learn a new language

In spare time, one of the hobbies you may adopt is learning a new language.  Now a day, for learning a new language you just need to install language apps on your mobile phone and learn a new language in just a few days. Practice makes the learning faster. For example, if students always involve in academic tests then he learns more and more opportunity than the student who always moves away from academic tests.

Learn a foreign language
Learn a foreign language

Women can also use these apps by downloading it from mobile play store and learn without investing money in attending classes. These apps can be used at any time while you are spare, waiting for hubby or waiting at the bank. List of different online language apps are:


About 200 million users in the world use Duolingo. It is the most popular language app, completely free and all features are fully functioning. It has beautiful design and fun also. It translates phrases by associating with picture vocabulary and capture quick attention toward lesson.


Is a flash app which helps to memorize phrases or sentences by using mems. It could be anything from mems to videos for native speakers.


One of the best ways to learn a new language is through speaking. Hello-talk is the app which connects you with the people who want to teach your native language. Here you will be able to tap each other texts to correct them and watch translation.

6. Join a book club

Book clubs can be as funny or crazy as you want them to look like. A book clubs is the place where someone visits and meets with other book lovers and talks about discussing different features of the book. Book clubs are not really about books but they are all about bonding and conversation among different people and share the secrets with each other. Book clubs involving discussion of about 30 minutes, depending upon how longer or shorter the disagreement exist during a discussion.

Book reading club
Book reading club

Women should join book club because of following reasons:

Participation in Literary debates

Book clubs provide women a medium of sharing their ideas and information in the form of participate in debates. Here every one gives their own points of view and thus knowledge among people is shared inefficient and effective means. It is friendly debate and everyone comes with different perspective.

Force other people to read your books

If you love to read one book and join book club then its great opportunity to tell other people about your favorite book. You must tell them about a specific theme in a more effective manner so that everyone read your favorite books.

The feeling of emotional support

Books create a sense of strong emotional support for the specific character which you like more while reading. Books club may generate feelings of emotional support from other members while losing a character in books.

Availability of foods, wine, and books

It’s an obvious thing that if you want to create more crazy and entertaining environment there should be the availability of foods and drinks in particular place. Book clubs provide an opportunity to their visitors to come in the clubs and enjoy foods, wine, and books all at the same time. So we can say that 3 in 1 deal. Is it interesting one? Yeah obviously

Deadlines for reading books

When you promise to read a book on time, you may ready to go on next book club meeting. It creates an obliged environment and you may have deadlines of reading books on time to receive more attention from other book lovers.

7. Go to a carnival

While enjoying happy and exciting moments of 2018, millennial women should go to carnival show. Carnival is the public occasion during which people play games, music, and dance in streets. It creates entertaining environment and women would enjoy there a lot. This show consists of wonderful explosion of music, color, unique tradition and much more.

Go to Carnival
Go to Carnival

In more recent times, American and British consider carnival as vulgar and inappropriate. Also, many another foreign individual often criticized this event. West Indians are very upset and annoying after this criticism and they tell that it’s our customs and culture so we must enjoy the carnival in an enjoyable manner.

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Women may enjoy this event due to following reasons:

National pride

Trinidad carnival can be considered as world biggest event of carnival in the world. These events consider as national pride and people encourage overseas friends to come here and enjoy a lot.

On the road one big and happy family

Ignoring the difference in color, religions, customs, and politics everyone come up with happy mode and enjoy with each other like family. There is no discrimination of race, colors, and creed in carnival event, so it is a great event for enjoyment.

Naughty without feeling any guilty

During this event, women can make a mission to paint all hot men or playing any trick with them. It is the course of good fun and only a time in the year to compassionate to strangers.

Friends union

Carnival is the best events which not only source of reconnecting people but also enjoyed happy moments with both loved one and strangers. Thus the strong union of friends can be made from carnivals and women enjoy lots while chatting with their friends on Facebook and Whatsapp groups.

8. Attend a local play

Women may enjoy their free time by attending a local play. Everyone should do this because it creates a strong sense of self-confidence and refreshes your mind. Local play gives you chance to explore your strength and improvement needed to minimized tour weaknesses.

Local Play
Local Play

The important things keep in mind to enjoy new, fun and exciting moments in local play are:

Don’t be hesitate and afraid of losing, just boost your confidence and try to participate in the game, while attending any local play, playing is much more important than watching. It is because just sitting and watching play makes you little much bore while playing give your mind more freshness, Create a new and fresh idea for enjoying local play because it not only provides you happy moments but also increase your confidence level.

9. Invest in stock

Smart and intelligent women always invest in a stock. They never save their hand earning in bank accounts but try to invest their money in some other businesses. Doing this, give them better result and thus performance will be increased. In many company, women playing a role of leadership thus the profit of these company increases day by day. Smart women always prefer to choose own stock. With the usage of knowledge she obtained and opened brokerage account and start investing. She has always a strong trust in her decision and focuses to do her own stock research.

Invest in stock
Invest in stock

Following strategy must be adopted by women to invest in stock and generate heavy revenue:

Sell with discipline

Every investor makes some error while investing. It may be an error of omission or commission depending on the situation. One of the important things is that you should know about the things which you are selling or buying. So always try to deal with discipline.

Trade sparingly

Research shows that women trade less than men so they hurt their investment less than men. Men traded about 45% more than women and earned only 0.94% in a year less than women did.

Think about the long-term

Women should focus on long-term investment. They always look out for long-term goals and trying to complete these goals on time. On the other hand, men always focus on competitions. Women always look for personal goals, they have no interest what other teammates going.

Invest in what you know

Women create and make 70% of the daily household purchase. These strategies give them great opportunity to know where to invest and get more return.

10. Attend local open houses

Local open houses held in spring to provide a variety of evening concerts along with dinners, harvest fests, and panel discussion. Email is the sources which keep informing the members about events throughout the year. The open house is an orientation of about 1-hour to volunteer and ministry opportunities for “Hope clinic for women”. It provides many services regarding women health such as pregnancy, counseling and important suggestion. All the open houses take place on Thursday evening and Tuesday morning at Hope clinic for women.

Address: 1810 Hayes Street, Nashville, TN 37203

11. Run a marathon

One of the other thing women may do in 2018 to make her daily routine happy and entertaining is through running a marathon. More women are get trained and run at a high level, building strong moments at the sport. Running gives you joys and strengthens muscles in more effective manner. All women who are running so well always have believed in training environment they perceived. They believe in themselves and on their capabilities to be ranked on top of the scoreboard. So due to believing in their talent and competencies they never see other women at their place or they would not want anyone else to take those goals away from themselves.

Street marathon
Street marathon

Some of new, fun and exciting facts about enjoying marathons are:

Join local running club and training group, to make new crazy runner partners and share jokes with each other to eliminate boredom, Focus on Fartlek; Swedish term translated as speedy play, Firstly ditch your watch and then find a place where you enjoy running, Start out walking and then maintain yourself in threshold pace of about 5K or 10K race pace, At last, you should start jogging

12. Take a pole dancing class

Pole dancing class is also an interesting activity which gives more and more new, exciting and funny moments to black millennial women. Basically, Pole dance is the combination of acrobatics and dance. This dance essentially needed strong muscular coordination, sensuality, and endurance in interesting dance.  Professional and amateur pole dance competition is going to be held in different countries like USA and Canada.

Pole dancing
Pole dancing

Those women who take regular classes of pole dancing get following benefits:

Improving muscles tone, Strong Flexibility, Increase self-confidence, Increase motivational level, Strong Coordination among body part.


In conclusion, from all of the discussion, I concluded that to enjoy any moments of life one should take care of their fellows, colleagues and life partners because they are the only means through which your life moments become memorable and excited. Black millennial women always have happy faces; they not only entertain their fellows but also try to bring fun, exciting and something new in their life. Balancing a career and home life was a great challenge for women in last few years ago. But due to the emergence of technology, every woman not only balance their work and home activities but also enjoying a fun and new exciting activities in their daily routine.


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