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It would be much more, but I thought that at least this time I’ll try to limit myself only to 26 tips for bloggers. Tips that I find useful and which can help you in your development as a blogger, increase traffic, online visibility, and blog monetization.

I write these tips as a result of my attempt to form some bloggers over time, so I could see some of the problems faced during the blog development.

26 Tips For A Blogger

Tips for a beginning blogger

1) Content is more important than design. Do not base your blog on a catchy design, if you have good content, interesting, attractive. And that can be learned.

2) How often do you write? Make a schedule and stick to it (it should be at least 2 times a week. More than two articles per week to keep up than to write one every day for 10 days, then disappear the next two months. Readers will notice your disappearance.

3) Do not ask the other bloggers for backlinks if you have not published anything on the website. It bothers me when I receive such requests. I recommend you ask for links to blogs that are at a similar level to you. Although I think the best would be to focus on writing content.

4) Do not focus on monetization if you have not posted anything on the site. Honestly, how likely do you think you will make money if you have not given anything?

5) No rattle or influencer other bloggers to give you share articles. Rather you can always ask about your articles, you can ask to give you an interview, etc. But if you’re going to send emails to each of them and asking them to promote it, you risk creating a negative image. Plus, at some point they cease to help you.

6) Do not rely on traffic from another blogger (or more). Even if another blogger or influencer helps, do not count that you would pick up from this blog. I repeat: the only way to pick up a blog is to write content (articles) and striving to do better and better.

7) What do you write? Define issues that you will address and choose them as categories of the blog. Follow this strategy. If you have a blog about photography is stupid to write about the relationship of the couple and the care of cats and programming in PHP. Decide what niche you want to approach. When you feel that you are not satisfied with it then change blog direction, but do it consciously.

8) Do not overdo your share on Facebook. If you share in your articles to all Facebook pages, groups and profile of your Friends, you become annoying. Do not be naive, that you will not bring visitors, but you will create a negative image.

9) No email spam. If someone has not subscribed to your blog, do not submit articles by email.

10) Learn to write a title in a reasonably attractive way. I recommend the sites where you can read books online for free.

11) Read what you write out loud. That before publishing the article. If you think that something doesn’t sounds good, rewrite the sentence. Rewrite article until you are satisfied. Usually this means to rewrite it several times. When you think it’s good, publish it. There might be mistakes, you can correct later. You do not have to be perfect either.

12) Help others bloggers. Give them share to articles if they are good, give a like, tweet or leave a comment with your blog in the website field. Gradually you will be noted. Be careful not to get to the other side.

13) Don’t open five blogs simultaneously. Start one, choose a name that makes sense and builds it. When big enough, you can start another project.

14) Get in touch with other bloggers. It’s called networking. See what events are they present and be there. Create connections with them.

15) Respect your readers. If you promise something (eg that you write every day for a month) keep your promise.

16) Invest in your blog. At first just time and energy. As you can afford and you can also invest money.

17) Make a SEO strategy. Work on it.

18) Make a SMO strategy (Social Media Optimization). Work on it.

19) Work daily on your blog. You do not have to write every day. There are other tasks you can handle.

20) Become visible both online and offline. Get involved in community projects and online or face-to-face to ensure your visibility and exposure.

21) Do not leave spam comments on another blogs.

22) Do not let your blog be just a collection of separate items. Get links from your articles where possible.

23) Optimize your blog to keep your readers for it. On this side I worked mainly on literary style and focus on the more useful content. There are hundreds of ways to optimize the experience of readers.

24) The blog is not a democracy. There are the same rights for everyone involved. If we make an analogy, the blog is more like a dictatorship. When someone is making talks beyond measure is your duty to intervene.

25) Do not count that you will live from your blog. Unlikely you’ll do that for quite a while, so make sure you have some source of income. You can make money from blogging, but it takes up time and work.

26) Periodically pick a day to do just administrative tasks. I usually do every Thursday and consists of tasks such as: replacement of broken links in articles, backup and database optimization, rewriting old articles, inserting links in articles (for example, take the last article and see where on the older articles you could put internal links).

There is a period (in many cases for over a year) in which you will not have any results. Most bloggers give in this time, disappointed that they do not see immediate results: traffic, website comments, likes etc. Unfortunately they do not come right away (unless you already have a very good online reputation).

I still believe that blogs (personal development blog or any niche) are a great tool and should be used extensively. The results will come, no matter how you started as a blogger.

If you already have a blog or want to make a website, give your opinion about the following topic: What problems did you encounter? What do you think should be avoided?

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