6 Online Tools To Enhance Your Jobsearch

With the proliferation of computing and internet technology, searching for a job has changed quite a bit. With all the new technology software coming out, and mobile devices and apps becoming more popular, it is hard to keep up with the latest tools, techniques and best practices for finding a job. Knowing and having the right tools for the job can make all the difference, and the saying also applies to job searching. Below are the 6 online resources you can use to enhance your job search.

1.) Google Docs:

Nowadays, it is important to utilize technology to enhance your opportunities and acquire any advantage possible. Collaboration is an important part of this process. Using document collaboration software, like Google Docs, can help you work with others on creating and editing your resume. With Google Docs, you can easily give access to your resume to other users you have invited to edit your document. This is much easier than emailing a bunch of files to different people.

2.) Indeed:

Once your resume is done, you can begin your job search, but instead of searching several different job sites all day long, you can use Indeed.com to make searching easier. Indeed aggregates job openings from a myriad of websites, employer sites, newspapers, social networks and more. They have a very large following and have even surpassed Monster.com in terms of unique visitors. Their site also allows you to post your resume for employers to find on Indeed.

3.) Simply Hired:

SimplyHired is another great job aggregation platform.With SimplyHired, you can create job searches and have a list of openings sent to your inbox. The list will consist of job openings from several major job boards, and will link directly to the job posting. This saves you time and energy, and the site allows you to create multiple searches.

4.) Facebook:

A great way to network and find out about open positions is by using Facebook. Facebook not only lets you stay in contact with friends and family, but it is a great way to network with people in your industry. In addition, you can also stay in contact with businesses that have pages on Facebook. This will allow you to keep tabs on whether they may be hiring, expanding or developing new products that may require more staff.

5.) LinkedIn:

LinkedIn is designed for professional networking and advancement. It is crucial to have a profile on LinkedIn and utilize it to search for people, companies and jobs. In addition, you can write articles and posts to allow other to see your expertise in a particular area. There are also many discussion and forums where you can continue to network and grow, many of these are moderated by recruiters and businesses.

6.) Job Boards:

Although Simply Hired aggregates job openings from several job boards and sends them to your inbox, it does not help employers find you. Therefore, it is important to post your more relevant and up to date resume on these job boards so employers and recruiters who are looking for candidates can find you.

Author Bio:

This article was written by Dominic Slaters, a tech oriented talent manager. He recommends that you visit Joblist South Africa, an online resource for jobs search in South Africa

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