6 Types Of Photo Stitching Software Available In The Market

Six types of photo stitching software are available in the market. These are software programs through which you can combine scenes from several photos into a single, richer photo, also known as a panorama. Awareness of the six type of photograph stitching software available in the market can help you make a good choice, when seeking to lay your hands on such software. It is common knowledge, in almost all life situations, that we are apt to make bad choices if we lack proper and full awareness of all options before us. It is for that reason, then, that awareness of the types of photograph stitching software available in the market can be useful to a person looking to lay his or her hands on such software.

The six types of photo stitching software available in the market include:

Specialized photograph stitching software:

This is, in other words, software that is created purposely for the photograph stitching role. The software in question here is capable of doing nothing else but facilitating photograph stitching. This sort of software may be available as a stand-alone application. Alternatively (and more commonly) it may be available as some sort of a plug-in for a photo editing software suite.

Non-specialized photograph stitching software:

This is software that is capable of doing a wide array of things, with photograph stitching being just one of the things it can do. As a matter of fact, a vast majority of the photograph stitching applications found in the market at the moment are in this non-specialized group. They are general-purpose photo editing applications, with photograph stitching capabilities inbuilt in them.

Proprietary photograph stitching software:

This is best (and most simply) described as photograph editing software whose rights belong to a given entity (typically a company), and which you have to pay some money for, in order to install and use. The code that powers this type of software is also typically hidden (that is, it is not open for viewing or editing).

Open source photograph stitching software:

The defining feature of the photograph editing applications in this particular class is that the code powering them is not hidden (it is open). The rights to these applications typically belong to communities of enthusiasts, and normally, the applications are not sold at a fee. They are available to be used free of charge.

Basic photograph stitching software:

the photograph stitching applications in this family tend to have the most basic of features. They are also created for beginners. Thus, for instance, if you really don’t know how to make a panorama, this is the software for you. The measure of whether or not you really know how to make a panorama is subjective, but deep within you, you can tell whether or not you are beginner. And if indeed you are a beginner, you will find that there is software created just for you.

Advanced photograph stitching software:

the photograph stitching software programs in this family tend to have high-end features, and they are meant for use by real pro’s. They are ideal for use in situations where the photograph stitching tasks that need to be undertaken are very complex.

Author Bio:

Annabel Lee used to be a video editing newbie who knows nothing about how to make a panorama, now she’s an advanced video editor who create 3d panorama with her panorama software.

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