6 White Hat SEO Tactics

6 White Hat SEO Tactics
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White hat SEO tactics work refer to Website optimization for search engines. They are a set of strategies that you or a online sales site should be used to achieve a better position in Google. They are called White Hat tactics they are allowed by Google because they do not try to trick your tracking system:

Using Keywords:

The use of keywords can be a good for White Hat tactics, depending on how you use it. Be sure to use keywords in titles, descriptions, image tags, etc. On the other hand, a good analysis of SEO keywords should be priority before anything else to create a website.

Invite a Blogger:

Invite a blogger to write for you is another White Hat method consisting contact with him, probably in your niche market, offering to write articles on your blog where you mention your website. Usually some kind should be agreed incentive payment or exchange for these links.

Getting external links is always an important goal in SEO. Creating links to your own site is easy, but Google is not impressed by your ability to do this because there is no vote in the matter. You better come from reputable sources (or PR-Page Rank), and whose content is related to your website.

Make sure you make full use of internal links whenever possible relevant content linking between different parts of your site. This extends the link juice into your site and also helps Google to identify your content and keywords that relate to the page. This also keeps people on your site longer and reduces the bounce, which is another factor influencing the ranking of Google.

Comment on Blogs:

Make comments on blogs may be considered abusive depending on how you use it. To be a white hat SEO tactics, you should not comment without reading the content, simply leave a link. You’ll get much more if you select relevant blogs, if you are aware of their new updates, and if you leave good comments (even omitting key palabas Rich Text for your link) that stimulate the traffic back to your site.

Generates Content Quality:

Quality content is the best tactic in SEO white hat. Google loves fresh content updated. Google loves to see fresh content and good quality to put on the top of the search results (SERP’s), this also can draw the attention of other webmasters want to link your content, or share it on Social Networks.

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