7 best practices to identify influencer

Identifying influencer is a feverish task ,especially winning the one who’s inclined to your brand type and is flexible in your budget is rare, several brands have people constantly working on fetching and identifying the right influencer for branding their products and outshining in the giant market.

Almost 90% of brands, companies and agencies have stopped supporting digital and animated ads and have hired social media influencer(s),as the  powerfulness for influence marketing is not hidden from anyone and from every corner of the globe people are earning gross profit through it.
But despite being the so hot culture of the marketing industry, several brands and people are finding it challenging to fetch the exact influencing personality in accordance with their brand type and moreover, they are spending mountain of assets and time on just finding the exact influencer for their brand promotion.
Firstly, let’s get clear why influencer ?
Influencer(s) are those personalities who knows how to deliberately
manufacture a brand’s image, the power hype and culture of broadcasting products via influencer is not hidden to anyone, the fact that the people or audience are much inclined on recommendations before buying rather than relying on advertisement, influencing a brand on social platforms is too a kinda advertisement but of a more nurtured and modified type. A voguish influencer clutches more audience and influence their mindset for a specific buy of a product resulting in much hype in traffic and leads.
‘The ratio of influence can’t be measured but it’s effectiveness can be seen easily’ that’s why influencer .
Here am listing some never failing approaches that you must follows to have the exact brand influencer of your’s.
1.Understand your brand
Understanding your brands means you must primly know about your brand, at what category your brand belongs , what kinda people it serves and what’s the exact range of people knowing and trusting your brand, brand understanding develops a broad mindset that will further help you in building strong terms with people so you could maintain a healthy relation with them, brand understanding leverage your knowledge regarding the present status and ruling tendency of your brand.
2.know the market and social industry
Market understanding and knowing the social presence of your product will make you better analyse your brand reputation, with greater market understanding you’ll get able to distinguish among the wide diversity of products and can have a calculative gross index of your brand, you can even smoothly connect with high ranked influencer and know their performance, check on whom the audience are trusting more and how they are delivering and plating brands to the audience.
3.Build networks
Building great networks will automatically help you in reaching greater range of audience throughout, networking supports you to have greater knowledge of market tantrums plus furnish you with relation building capacity within you ,it will extend your reach towards market investigation and help you find your approach of staying hot in the market, thereafter examine at what extent you can build relationship with people, with communities, with influencer(s) and how father you yourself can take your brand.
4.Use influence search and tracking tools
Investing your crucial hours on search tools will be far more beneficial than just turning every stone of the market, as in this era smart work pays more and hard work ,am not neglecting the fact that hard work pays off rather, here am telling you to groom your efforts smartly , so it could leverage more returns in your pocket.
Influence search tool helps you to get a better glimpse of market plus they allows you to fetch the influencer that belongs to your niche, lets take an example if you owning a clothing brands then there’s no hope of returns if you are working with a food blogger, ‘simply what you do must match up with your brand influencer’. These search tools first let you to have a glance of endless trending influencer(s), some even list them in accordance to their rating , means how they are performing in the social environment, their content quality their post frequency and so on ,plus allows you to track their daily actions and their traffic response and if in case you like any influencer’s profile or show some interest on , then you’ll get a direct automated invitation asking them for collaboration with your brand. So overall these tools are quite handy and salutary in use.
5.Research on profiles
here by research I mean to say ,if you liked any profile of influencer within your niche then, before rushing towards him/her asking for collaboration is not right, just keep your eyes on him/him for the first few day, actually by doing this you’ll get an idea of how gracefully they present brands to their audience, whether he/she doesn’t posses faux listeners, their traffic and engagement rate matters alot, comprehend their nature of delivering brands via content via word publicity ,how genuine they are, all this stuff you must look on before offering any subject matter to any influencer.
6.Connect graciously
A graceful talk can get you some extra cherry on your cake, so if you want to build any collaboration be quite tender and light ,don’t just ask for business deal directly, know their exchange policy, illustrate what you want to deliver to the audience and how will they manage to serve your brand more better to the social audience and then express your offers and terms with them.
7.Be authentic

‘Authenticity is always rewarded’ , means being authentic, real, genuine must be your first choice, to have a high dignified decorum of your brand be sure you are presenting audience what you are, there’s no point in plundering wrongs listeners are much smarter than you think you’ll be bow downed easily if delivered falsity plus be sure you are exchanging content and products with the authentic one, there’s n number of profiles with faux followers and listener don’t get drowned towards them.

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