7 Tips To Beat Procrastination For Bloggers

7 Tips To Beat Procrastination For Bloggers

Doubt and Inconsistent thinking are the behavioral patterns responsible for Procrastination. Regret, Anxiety and constant brooding are the consequent behavioral outputs of Procrastination. What is commonly evident is a sort of confusion and apprehension that things will not work out, inspite of your best efforts. It is pre-decided that, no matter, ‘how well you do to put in your best effort’ – you will fail!


In this article, we will study the 7 measures to counter procrastination by maintaining coordination between the mind and the body. The maintenance of mind to body coordination essentially means that: ‘the way you think in your mind’ and ‘the way you act with your body’ can be ‘balanced’.

1) Self-Reflection

What is Self-reflection?

Self-reflection is necessary to counter the tendency of doubting that good things will happen to us. Self-reflection essentially means: Talking to the ‘Self’ and telling your mind about the plan that you have for next year, next month, next week or even the next day. You can self-reflect to decide about your course of action for the next day. This habit of questioning your mind and getting the answers will lead you to the fine habit of ‘knowing where you stand and how you can progress’.

How to commit yourself to Self-reflection?

It is necessary to reflect upon your own thoughts and understand – ‘where are you going wrong’ and ‘where are you going right’. This method of observing your actions and learning from those actions is worthwhile, rather than regretting the past.

It is easy to tune into the self-reflective mode. All you have to do is contemplate and believe in the greatness of your mere existence and great things will begin to happen. If you begin to appreciate the smaller things in your life then you will value your own existence. And once you understand, the real meaning of value, you will certainly value your time, work and the satisfaction that you receive from the action of doing the work.

2) Difference between a ‘drop of water’ and the ‘ocean

It is often difficult to view the big picture and recollect its beauty; but committing to the self-reflection activity mentioned above will certainly help in viewing the big picture. However, first do not try to look at the big picture, it is for later. First, it is necessary to experience small beginnings and learn from them. The difference between a ‘drop of water’ and the ‘ocean’ is that the ‘OCEAN IS GRATEFUL TO KNOW THAT IT IS SO BIG, AND YET IT WAS A SMALL DROP OF WATER ONCE; WHEREAS, THE DROP OF WATER IS ALSO GRATEFUL TO KNOW THAT WITH THE HELP OF OTHER WATER DROPLETS, IT WILL ALSO BECOME AN OCEAN SOMEDAY’!

3) Commitment

The act of committing yourself to action is the effort required from ‘thinking about doing an action’ to ‘initiating the action’, and ‘maintaining consistency in action’. It is necessary to acknowledge that – ‘we as humans can commit ourselves to doing anything we want. And hence, we can either remain idle or become the being of action’.

Did you ever wonder why you continue procrastinating? It is bad enough that we procrastinate but why do we continue doing so every day without fail. The reason is simple – we continue doing so because we are creatures of habit. Hence, if we can remain idle for days, then we can also remain active for days, weeks and months. A habit once formed is difficult to break and hence, if we commit ourselves to forming the habit of putting in little effort everyday then big results will certainly follow.

4) Reasoning

Simply asking ‘why’ to your mind will give you enough answers. And if questions bother you a lot, you should only acknowledge them. I am not saying ignore questions or forget about questions. The basic characteristic of mind is its consciousness and consciousness can be experienced in every moment of the life. Consciousness can be perceived in your ability to think. Your effort to commit yourself to reasoning, self-reflecting and believing will bring success when you begin to envision clarity. This clarity will further strengthen your ability to self-reflect reason and believe in the cause.

5) Write it down

Writing down random thoughts can also make you feel lighter. Your mind is free to flow in any direction with its thoughts and hence it is essential to control it. A mind cluttered with unnecessary thoughts can make you feel burdened with complexity. Writing down your apprehensions is another way of countering the negative beliefs and sowing the seeds for the fruit of wisdom. DON’T GIVE UP! BECAUSE IT ISN’T OVER UNTIL IT’S OVER, YOU ARE STILL BREATHING! AREN’T YOU!

6) Less Planning, More Action

Many of us have the habit of doing too much of thinking and planning to the minutest detail. However, ‘Thinking without doing is similar to nothingness’. Hence, it is said that action speaks louder than words. Even understanding this phenomenon is enough to bring ourselves into the action mode.

7) Your work is a set of first steps taken to reach your goal

The ideal end product of your work is success. And your work is nothing but a series of individual steps taken to reach a goal. These series of steps will make you strong enough to accept and appreciate the power of success.

Thus, we should get our beliefs right and take those small steps to gain bigger results. RESULTS ARE A PRODUCT OF OUR UNDYING SPIRIT OF APPRECIATION TOWARDS OUR EXISTENCE. WE BELIEVE WE EXIST AND SO WE DO!
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Yohana Petrovic is a freelance writer and professional educator. She has 10 years experience of educating. She is a guest blogger, writing about blogging, writing skills and education. Yohana is also a regular contributor to http://globalessays.org/ website

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