A Quick Guide on Earning Affiliate Income by Promoting Affiliate Products on your Blog

If you have recently started a blog and wish to make some profits out of it, affiliate marketingis one of the most beneficial ways to accomplish your goals. This type of marketing allows you to choose your product based on your blog’s niche, create content for that product to spread awareness and attract audience, and when any of that audience purchases the product via the affiliate link, you receive commission for the referral credit. If you are a beginner and lost with the entire process you may find the best affiliate marketing software for instance, LeadDyno that can help promote your products via their wide affiliate network.

If you are well acquainted with the affiliate marketing concept and how it works, you must move to the next step that is different ways of promoting affiliate products on your blog to earn the maximum revenue. While there are the traditional methods of promotion of the products that is, via email marketing and PPC marketing, my post will discuss on the ways to sell the affiliate products effectively using different affiliate marketing promotion tips that will help you earn revenue over the period.

Using affiliate links

Promotion via blog post is one of the most popular ways of marketing the affiliate products. For this you need to create an engaging content related to the product and place the affiliate link at places of high sustainability. For example, if you are writing about “Top Fashion Apparels in 2017”, you can add your own experience of buying apparels from the merchant blog and how good it was.

Write a detailed tutorial content

Tutorials or How-To articles are one of the proven ways of promoting affiliate products. Especially if it’s a tech article that needs step by step guidance, a well written tutorial post does the trick. These types of articles are useful for the readers and can stay relevant for long thus, improving your search engine ranking.

Write affiliate product reviews

Writing product reviews is another great way to attract your audience. A well written review article on the affiliate product for example, makeup reviews, gadget reviews, etc. introduces the readers with the product. Reviews help people understand the pros and cons of the product, how beneficial it would be for them, if it’s affordable, and if they should buy it. Therefore, an effective review post must be honest in approach with a balanced point of view stating both the pros and cons; should sound personal since people want personal suggestions in a review article; and always select a product that you personally like. 

Get Traffic from Facebook Ads

Facebook have made things a lot convenient these days with it’s targeted ads. However, your content needs to be of really high quality to get some traffic from these ads. Although you have to spend a bit on these ads, it’s still worth it considering if you get a pretty handsome payout for the affiliate product like over $50. What more do you want if you are getting the desired sales and you are attracting enough web traffic.

Write featured posts for the affiliate products

Featured posts are those blogs or articles that are published on the home page. These posts are intended to grab maximum attention and so, must be of high-quality. Not just that, it will also increase the visibility of the affiliate products along with the articles which is a prerequisite. From a blog post to a review article, it can be anything that has the capability to attract traffic and conversions. 

Share coupon codes of affiliate products

Discounts or coupons are what every customer looks for when out for some shopping because every one wants to save some money. Online customers also look for coupon codes by running a quick search on the search engine such as “Amazon discount coupons” or “WordPress coupons”, and so on before they make a purchase. So, when a reader buys using a coupon you are still earning a commission. While you share the coupons on your monthly blog post, make sure that the reader clinks on the affiliate link and buys the product, or you will not be receiving any commission.

Add the affiliate product in your related mailing list

Once readers sign up for your mailing list, this would be one of your best ways to earn that added affiliate income by promoting your affiliate product on the list. From a single email to batch emails you can create a request for as many as you want at a time with a good affiliate marketing service.

Use an affiliate marketing software

Affiliate management software like LeadDyno not only helps you to set up an affiliate website as soon as you sign up, but also hosts it for you assisting you to get new affiliates to your website. You can even seek their help to get connected to the wide network of affiliates who will be more than happy to promote your products for you.

Make use of sidebar banners

Banners have been a classic way of promoting affiliate products on your website. This not just helps get more traffic, but also generates profits out of it. The new rule is to use the banner ads at the sidebar for promoting he affiliate products. However, make sure that you get variation to your banner ads with attractive graphics signifying the product you are selling.

Add a backlink to your tutorial in places of high sustainability

Creating back links for your most popular posts/tutorials (related to the affiliate products) on your current blog post is another great way to promote your affiliate product. So, for instance, if you have written a guest post on a renowned website, it would be natural for you to write an article on your website that lets you mention that guest post.

Do you know your product well?

There are many affiliates who have gained success because they are pro at using the products they sell. For example, one of the affiliates has in-depth knowledge about mobile phones and so, he is really good in selling anything related to the mobile phones. Although he would not directly sell a Samsung or an iPhone, because he is really good at the inside details about a phone it makes it easier for him to sell similar products and earn a lot.
While these are the tried and tested strategies to be successful in promoting an affiliate product, there’s a lot more that you can do like use a trusted affiliate marketing software, posting a comparison article, offer product discounts, mention the affiliate products in the featured post, create videos, and so on. So, keep testing different ideas, find the most suitable method for you and appreciate those earnings.

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