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Email Apps Save the Day
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These days it’s difficult to be ‘out of the office’ as it’s even possible to gain access to work emails from anywhere via hosted exchange services like hosted exchange 2010. Advertisers, clients, co-workers and family can now all reach you, anytime, anywhere, so it’s a small wonder that many people are finding it hard to manage their inboxes.

Founder of TechCrunch, mentioned that the number of emails he receives daily went up from 2,433 in 2008 to 7, 000 by January 2013 and he’s not alone. Managing the vast amount of emails we all receive per day can feel overwhelming. A number of entrepreneurs have spotted the gap in the market and have designed email apps to help people manage their inboxes.

Mailbox (iPhone and Gmail)

The brain child of task-management application Orchestra, this app divides incoming emails into three basic categories: emails to keep, emails to save for later and emails to get rid of immediately. Users can move emails into any of the three categories, simply by swiping their hand across the screen in a specific direction.

Ryan Lawler from TechCrunch believes that the most interesting aspect is the ‘save for later’ function as it allows you to dictate when you’d like to read the email; in three hours, tomorrow, next week. It then removes these emails from the inbox but, still makes it easy to access them later. This both de-clutters your inbox whilst allowing you to pay attention to emails at a later date.

AwayFind (CRM software, Exchange, Gmail and Outlook)

This app allows users to step away from their email inboxes by learning which emails are important and alerting users via text message or phone calls should one come in. It was launched by a former productivity expert, Jared Coralnick. The app costs $4.99 and more per month.

Rapportive (Gmail)

Owned by LinkedIn, Rapportive aims to help users to improve their connections with people in their inbox by tapping into social media like Facebook, Twitter and, of course LinkedIn. Essentially the app shows users what kind of connections they share with the people they’re emailing and promotes connecting with people on social media as well. (Gmail and Yahoo Mail) is a free email app that de-clutters your inbox by incorporating, and organizing, all of your email subscriptions into one daily email.

Cue (Mobile and Online)

This mobile app has a number of handy functions that simply inbox management. For example; it automatically connects the events in your calendar to related phone numbers, addresses or people. Cue will pick up on auto generated emails and show users their flight departure times, check in codes etc in a simple, easy to read format.

Possibly one of the app’s coolest features is the fact that it will automatically update a person’s contact details across all your platforms; ensuring that the details you have are always up to date, no matter which platform you’re working from.

There are a plethora of email apps available; picking the right one will come down to a user’s needs, budget and preference.

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Pippa Green is a London-based blogger who regularly writes about new innovations in technology and is currently reviewing the Nasstar Online Desktop.

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