Best iPhone Apps For Photo Editing in 2013

Best iPhone Apps For Photo Editing in 2013
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The iPhone camera has gotten to the point that it is of such high quality that many people don’t even carry another camera anymore. They can simply use their iPhones to capture images of amazing quality that stack up with those created by most amateur point-and-shoot cameras. There are also loads of Great iPhone Apps for Editing Photographs. Here is a look at the top five iPhone photo editing apps available in 2013.

1.) Gelo:

This outstanding iPhone photo editing app offers a feature that is found in very few other photo editing apps. Gelo allows users to inject some color into their photos with a high degree of sophistication. Unlike the garish colors that most other apps provide, Gelo uses very subtle gradients of color that allow users to create beautifully distinctive photographs.

2.) FxCamera:

This is one of the most wildly popular iPhone editing apps on the market, and you will soon see why if you give it a try. FxCamera offers its users a wide range of cutting-edge photo effects that turn even everyday photo takers into extraordinary artists. This app also makes it incredibly easy for users to share their innovative photos on social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

3.) Retromatic:

For those who like the vintage looks of photographs from the 1950s and 1960s, this is the photo app for them. Retromatic makes it incredibly easy for users to instantly transform all the photos on their iPhone into retro-looking photographs that give off an essence of cool. The best part about this app is how easy it is to use, but some more advanced users may feel that it is a bit too simplistic.

4.) Photoshop Touch:

For experienced photographers, Photoshop is one of the very best photo editing programs ever created. Now, those loyal Photoshop fans can now bring their love of the program to the iPhone. Photoshop Touch brings in a simplified version of the program to the iPhone. This is probably the most powerful photo editing app for the iPhone on the market today. It even brings in the layering system that makes Photoshop so powerful.

5.) Camera360:

There is one feature on the Camera360 app that is especially helpful. Whenever you use the app to edit a photo, you can touch the screen to instantly bring up a side-by-side comparison of the photo before and after the effect was applied. This is a very handy tool that greatly simplifies the experience of editing a photo. That is just one of the many functions that are provided with this free app that doesn’t bombard users with ads.

Lots of Great Apps:

These are the five best iPhone Photo Editing Apps on the market today, but there are hundreds more that users can discover. There are always new ones being released as well. Anyone who likes to take photographs on their iPhone will surely find a killer app that will allow them to create photographs that are as beautiful as anything that professional photographers can create.

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