Dacloud.me, The perfect VPN!

I will begin this article by citing benefits of a VPN, then advantages of another type of VPN that’s based on SSLv3/TLS.

First of all, a VPN (Virtual Private Network) allows you to access the local network of your company through a secure internet connection when you are in a remote location (at home, at a customer …). Thus, you get access to resources at your local network (shared files, intranet, external, printers, emails, games …) in the same way as if you were at work / home, without having to open a port on your router or reconfigure your local resources.

So, what? I heard that VPN are secured, but how? Nope, they are not! I’m talking about average VPN, which are used to connect with at least one or more remote machines via an internet connection. We are talking about virtual tunnels where the data is encrypted.

And SSL/TLS VPN ? Here is another thing! These VPN are highly secured, the data transiting inside are totally obscure. They are so obscure that even servers admin can’t know what you are doing. Why ? Because here, the server use a certificate between the customer (you), and the server, and establish an encryption key 256 bits, which is impossible to hack.

In addition to this, they give you a shield against sniffers and hackers who are trying to hack you through public Wi-Fi network, or even your own network at home, because remember, all is encrypted!

Now that you know everything (what a genius!), let’s talk about Dacloud.me

Dacloud.me, The perfect VPN!

Dacloud.me is a SSL/TLS VPN provider, and it is the best pay VPN! They don’t force you to install their software on your PC as others do. An SSL VPN connection is made to give you anonymity and maximum confidentiality and security. It’s not the case when you install a VPN provider’s software on your PC, since it can read titles of your navigation tabs, read your cookies and also your browser cache, and can thus determinate what you are doing for advertising purposes.

Dacloud.me work with the OpenVPN Connect client, which is open source and free to download on different platforms as Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Android, iOS…, which makes it a good service.

My first subscription was three months ago, when I was looking for a VPN to play online with my friends in a little virtual local network, everyone at home. What a surprise to fall on Dacloud.me. They have been excellent , they answered back in a few seconds and have been very helpful. They helped me to achieve what I wanted.

Furthermore, they have premium servers in USA, which allow me to watch my favorite TV shows on Netflix (not available in France). Your American Dacloud.me IP will allow you to do so. (Netflix is now my entire life!).

Let’s get back to the technical side, the connection speed, forbidden websites by your provider (torrents, etc), and the famous question: the private life.

Connection Speed

Personally, I’m very happy with Dacloud.me, and I encourage you to give a try. More than this, Dacloud.me offers you to take part of their expansion politic by advertise their product and win 2$ by subscription you have sponsored for the One Month Plan (7$), and more than 10$ for the One Year Plan (45$)! That’s easy money.

It’s one of the few VPN services that satisfied me. I could also say that Dacloud.me is the best ! So, what ? Don’t wait anymore !

Connect them on Dacloud’s Facebook Page to receive latest updates of their services.

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