Decorate Your Blog For This New Year

Decorate Your Blog For This New Year

Happy New Year To All My Visitors!

Hi friends here i would like to share with you a simple way to decorate your blog for this new year 2013. Here you will find the code to add a small widget to display two balloons on the bottom right and left cornor of your blog. Just add the below code to your blog. That’s it! The below code displays ballons as you see below.


<img src=”” style=”position:fixed; bottom: 0px;left:0px;border:none;z-index:5;”/><img src=”” style=”position:fixed; bottom: 0px;right:0px;border:none;z-index:5;”/>
<div style=’float:right;’>
Note: Change the lines in red to the url of whatever the pic you would like to get displayed.
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