Google Zoo – Predictions for future Google SEO updates

2013 has been a major year for Google updates and there’s no question that it’s been unlucky for some, with Google Penguin 1, 2 and 2.1 all focusing on penalties for sites that Google consider spamy, whether it’s having automated on-page content, or building links solely for the purpose of SEO.

No-one predicted quite how hard Google would strike or how many different types of link they would label as ‘Bad’. Amongst the types of link that were hardest hit were:

  • Automated paid links (in December 2013 Google announced that they had found a way to identify links from a major backlink network, with other link networks expected to be penalised in 2014).
  • Mass article submissions (submitting the same article to multiple article sites).
  • Foreign language links with English anchor texts or vice versa (for an effective way to do multilingual SEO, visit

The attached Google Zoo infographic has some more predictions for 2014. If it’s right, then anyone practising white hat SEO is likely to be lucky this year. Other predictions include an increased focus on graphic design and the creation of the GooiMac … not all of the predicted Google SEO updates are to be taken seriously, although hopefully they’ll give you some tips that prove useful.

Google Zoo - Predictions for future Google SEO updates

Infographic provided by Allison Carmichael from Allison is a passionate artist and graphic designer and manages a team of creatives. She home educates two boys and also loves reading and films.

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