How computer viruses work?

            Computer viruses are something that inspire almost as much as dread as the prospect of a terrorist threat. For all intents and purposes, computer viruses are an act of terrorism. Sure, we’re not talking loss of life should your humble PC become infected- but imagine the consequences of an entire hospitals system crashing, and a more frightening, and indeed, life threatening, picture emerges.

            While you may not have the health records of thousands of patients logged on your PC, there’s doubtless plenty of valuable information you’d rather not lose, thanks very much. supergeek can assist you in implementing measures to protect against computer viruses.

So what exactly is a computer virus?

           In laymans terms, a computer virus is a computer program that can replicate itself. Imagine if David Koch could replicate himself. Imagine how bloody awful that would be. Terrible, but not nearly so devastating as a nasty, self replicating computer virus.

          Some viruses do nothing more than reproduce themselves, but others are of a far more malevolent nature and can harm or destroy a computer system’s data and performance. They’re not always easy to spot, though some do call attention to themselves if you know what to look for.

          You must ensure you have anti-virus software installed . There are free programs, but for total peace of mind you may want to pay for something like PC Matic. A few simple self-protection measures will save you from falling prey

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