How Do You Access Facebook?

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How Do You Access Facebook?
According to a recent article by The Guardian, four out of five Facebook users log on daily using their smartphone or tablet. Did you know that 24 million people use Facebook every day? Which means that 83% of those people are using Facebook on their mobile. Have a look at How do we spend time online (Infographic) to check how facebook dominates other sites!

Mobile Growth:

The use of mobile phones is growing faster and faster than ever before. There has been a massive shift towards mobile phone use and people are accessing the internet on their phones on a daily basis.

How do you access information on the web? What do you use? The chances are you are accessing websites whilst shopping, on the train, at work or waiting in line at your local coffee shop. Your mobile phone is a pretty important piece of kit. It is what connects you with the world, it is what enables you to find out what is going on in the world of social media and the greater world that is out there. It links you to friends, to family, you can check your bank balance on it, transfer your rent and even check the latest football results.

You can update your Facebook or your Twitter to share your opinions with the rest of the world. You can inform the world of your pending nuptials whilst you are busy being proposed to and you can take a photo of what you ate and where and load it to Instagram in a matter of seconds.

Your mobile phone is a powerful communication tool that is more than just your ability to chat to your friends or to text them as to where you want to meet them.

But is your phone insured? Do you have mobile phone insurance? Have you just come down off your mobile-phone-buzz and thought of what would happen if you lost your phone or if someone stole it?

If your mobile phone is an essential part of your life, an extension of your body and a vital part of who you are, then it is of paramount importance that you have it insured. Mobile phones can be costly if they are not insured. And, if your phone is lost, broken or stolen, it also means that you could be without your phone for a long time.

By insuring your phone you are making sure that you are never really without one. Mobile phone insurance can be the difference between being lost and missing contact with your friends to having a new and replacement phone within a matter of hours. Have a look at Protecting Your Mobile Phone.

Your mobile phone is a key part of your daily life. Whether it be for work, personal use or both, can you really imagine being without your mobile phone?

Well, if that is the case then isn’t it high time you had your mobile phone insured? From cracked screens and lost phones to stolen phones and unauthorised calls, you will want to make sure you are covered.

And, it starts from as little as the cost of a loaf or bread. Go on, use your loaf.

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