How Gaming Consoles Have Changed Over Time

The very first gaming console was originally created in produced in 1967. It was called Brown Fox, and was not competed with until the Magnavox Odyssey was released in 1972. However, gaming for all individuals around the world did not become as popular until 1976, when the very first Atari Pong system was released. Once Atari created virtual pong that could be played with a friend, the video gaming market began to skyrocket and has not been the same since.

In 1985, Nintendo released its very first Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) to the public. To date, Nintendo has sold more than 61.9 million copies of the system itself, with a price of $199 at launch in 1985. Following in Nintendo’s footsteps was Sega Enterprises, who released the Sega Master System in June of 1986. Although the Sega Master System never quite sold as many systems as the Nintendo Entertainment System, it sold more than 15 million units worldwide since its launch with a starting price of $200. In 1988, Nintendo released a Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) which was based on the 16-bit Super Famicon system. With the system included new Mode 7 graphics and the system ultimately sold more than 49.1 million units at a launch price of $199.

Although the first-edition of Sega was never truly as successful as Nintendo itself, it continued to develop multiple systems that would make an impact in the future of the gaming community. In 1990, Sega Saturn was released by Sega Enterprises with a launch price of $399. The new system sold more than 170,000 units in Japan alone on its first day of launch. Sega Saturn was known to make gaming history as it also featured online multiplayer games including Bomberman and Duke Nukem 3D.

The original Sony Playstation was released by the Sony Computer Entertainment company in 1994 with a launch price of $299. The Sony Playstation made way for developments of both the Playstation 2 and 3 as well as the Xbox system.

Nintendo 64 was launched in June of 1996 with a launch price of $199. Another system that made headlines included the Sega Dreamcast, launched in 1998 with a price tag of $199. The Playstation 2 was then released in 2000 with a price tag originally of $299 and was manufactured by the Sony Computer Entertainment company.

How Gaming Consoles Have Changed Over Time

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