How Scientists are Using the Internet?

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How Scientists are Using the Internet?
Over time, the way to disseminate news to the masses has gone from traditional print media to broadcast stations to the Internet. For scientists and others at the forefront of the technological boom, this has come as a welcomed development, as the Internet allows for research to be done more efficiently and news and reports to be published immediately.

It is only natural then that during the social media boom 85% of scientists reported that social media had an effect on their decision-making, and 77% of life scientists found themselves participating in some form of social media. Twitter, for example, allows scientists to collect data, share resources, deliver news and build relationships within the industry. Where will the technology go from here? To start, we must first look back at the developments of social media and science reporting over time.
Take a look at this infographic to learn more about the changing landscape of science and social media.

Evolution Of Scientific Data. How Scientists are using Internet

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