How to Choose Tablets for DJI Spark

Earlier mostly people like to use their Smartphone to fly their DJI Sparks it’s the most convenient option. Smartphone’s have a portable screen we carry in our pockets all the time. So here comes a question in mind why you want to get another device? Like a tablet to fly your drone the reason is quite obvious:

What is the Main Benefit of Using Tablet?

Smartphone’s have great features in recent years but they still cannot compete with tablets when it comes to screen real estate.

With times you get bore of using small screens but with a tablet especially with bigger screen and better pixels which could be a better approximate something like a laptop or your PC’s monitor. Using sunshades is it’s another nice benefit.

Using a tablet with the DJI drone brings many benefits like Picture visibility, their battery timings are good and the last thing is their screen size. We are preferring you the tablet that flying DJI drone for longer periods or capturing destination footage.

Is the DJI spark good for photography?

The main things which come in your mind are about photography.  If you are looking for photos and videos it’s been fun and important with drone and tablet you will truly love it. You can enjoy your photography with the help of your drone and video captures through your tablet on a big screen. The camera sensor in the DJI Spark can capture the 4K resolution.

Why do you need a Tablet?

For most drones a tablet is used as the FPV screen to display the live stream video from the drone. With a visual display you can see what your drone is doing at all times.

You have access to lots of features when you choose to fly with your tablet. You need to carry a tablet it’s not have much weight when you travel with it. So its each controlling method gave you different advantages. When you are buying it just make sure you choose the right option which is based on your needs.

Key features you should know to buy a tablet for DJI Spark

When you are decide to invest an amount on a tablet for DJI spark. Then there as some of the key features that you should keep in your mind that which device you are going to choose is according to your choice or not. These key points will guide you to choose your best tablet for your drone.

1. Price

The first thing which comes in your mind is the price. When you are trying to purchase a new tablet you need to keep in mind that it wouldn’t be good judgment to buy a device that’s price is more as compare to your DJI Spark. Go with something that will keep you comfortable while spending on.

2. Release Date

Many models of tablets are available that cannot able to run DJI Spark. Reasons were that was not up to date and must be released years ago. You should make sure that the old models can’t run DJI Spark properly. We recommend you to choose new models of tablets which are up to date.

3. Android or IOS

As we all know when we are comparing IOS over android IOS is always the best option than android when you are purchasing for the DJI Sparks. We recommend you to buy an IOS device. If you already have an Android tablet and have good experience with it then it’s your choice which device you will choose.  But using an IOS will give you a better experience than with Android for your drone.

4. Screen Brightness

One of the important features you should need to look for a device to fly your drone is that you only enjoy your good experience with flying outside will happen when you have a brighter screen that make things more brighter and visible to you.

May be you notice when you are flying your drone under direct sunlight you cannot see anything clearly even if you have brightest screen of your device. Otherwise the only solution would be to use a sunshade.

5. Wi-Fi-only or Cellular Tablet

When choosing a tablet it’s on you rather you choose between a Wi-Fi and a cellular tablet. We prefer you to choose a cellular tablet due to their some of the limitations with Wi-Fi tablets.

Mostly Wi-Fi only devices are lack of GPS which is their major problem GPS is not found in most of the devices.

Your map won’t work properly is one of its problem when the Wi-Fi is disabling. You can attach Bluetooth GPS and connect it to your tablet through this you will be able to solve its problem.

Choosing a tablet for DJI Spark there are few things you need to know:

  • The first is the System-on-Chip (SoC) because you don’t want it to be laggy. If you are looking for an Android tablet make sure that the processor is equal to or more powerful than the Snapdragon 600 series.
  • The second thing is the operating system makes sure that it comes with iOS 9.0 or Android 5 lollipop and above since that is the minimum version supported by the DJI Spark.
  • The another important factor to consider when choosing a tablet for your drone is their compatibility with the DJI GO app that will use every time whenever you fly it. The DJI Go app updated on regular basis so it’s important to get a tablet that is compatible and works properly with the app.
  • When you look for an Apple and Android device both of them work great but you need to make it sure that the device must be capable of running iOS 8.0 and android 4.1.2.

If you want to get the best results then we will recommend a 2.0+ GHz processor and 3GB of RAM or more is always better. If you are using multiple devices then check their specs and choose the most powerful one for flying your drone.


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