How To Download Very Big Files Within Minutes?

How To Download Very Big Files Within Minutes?

Hi friends, i found an intresting way to reduce the download time and to save data by using Highly Compressed versions of the files that i would like to download.
For example take a game which you like the most & whose installation file is about 6GB, Think How much time will it consume to download 6Gb & Your reaction for it?

Now after reading this post you find an intresting way to stop worrying about the download time.
It’s simple Just while searching for something which would be very big, Just add the keyword “Highly Compressed” with your search term, That’s it!

For example if you are looking to download the game “Need for speed” search as below:

Need for speed Highly compressed

The above search will yield you with a no. of sites offering the download of the compressed version of that game. You will find that those big games which are about 5 to 6 GB are compressed to about just 10 to 20 MB

You too can do this by using this software KGB Archiever. But be aware that this software will use lot of memory during the compression process and slow down your computer to the atmost level. (Better avoid this work if you think your pc cannot withstand this).

How to use the Highly Compressed Download:

Basically in case of games the compressed folders can be extracted by normal softwares like winrar, 7-Zip, etc.. But, On uncompressing you will note that the file will be in .iso format. So you may need to mount it to a virtual drive to open the .iso format file, and to play the game.

Don’t worry there is a software named DAEMON Tools Lite to simplify this work for you.

How to use Daemon tools lite:
  • Just download the daemon tools lite form Here.
  • Install it.
  • On installing it you will find an additional drive on your My Computer.
  • Open Daemon tools lite.
  • Click Mount and select the .iso file to be mounted.
  • You will see the mounted files on that new drive on My Computer.
  • Open the drive and enjoy 🙂

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