How To Move Your Blogspot Blog To Your Own Domain

If you own a blogger, someone is hosting your website for you. Unless you own your own server, all the pictures, videos, songs and other content on your blog are stored elsewhere on a machine constantly running so the files are always available.
Some successful bloggers do get their own servers because the amount of control over their own work is that much greater. If you find yourself ready to host your own blog but you don’t know how to move it to your own domain, you’re in luck. Here’s how you can move a Blogspot blog to your own domain.
First, Have a Domain

            You will need your own domain or some host besides Blogspot if you want to move your blog to the former from the latter. The list of these providers is a lengthy one but companies like GoDaddy are especially popular.
            Once you’ve figured out what provider you want to go with, you’ll need to get all set up and everything. Before you move y our Blogspot blog, log into your account at whatever place is hosting your domain, or get your personal server ready for some new information.
Prepare It

           Once you’re all set to move things over, you must prepare your domain to accept the requests which will come from Blogspot. To do this is a little complicated but easy enough with some directions. You will need to look for the Domain Control Center on your page.
           If you can find it, then you’ll need to look for Total DNS Control. This is where you will add a new CNAME based on the URL you provide. It’s only a small adjustment you need to make so don’t worry about big changes here. It’s not much work at all.
Change Settings on Blogspot

           Now you’ll need to go to your Blogspot account and prepare it to send the information over to your personal domain. This is a small, short and sweet process about as simple as the prior step. Once you’re logged in on your Blogspot, Go to your settings and re-confirm them with the new information and address you specified to make sure your blog is going to the right page and you’re done.
          No muss, no fuss, you won’t even have to break a sweat to get this done. Beware though, there are some consequences to moving your blog from Google to your personal place.
Backlinks Will Be Lost

          This is a big deterrent to established bloggers who wish to split up and make their own name. Any backlinks you’ve made will all become irrelevant as they’ll be linking to a website which doesn’t exist. The updates would take you an awful long time if you have a lot of links already, so this move is recommended only for fresh or experienced bloggers starting with something new.
          You could keep making money on your Blogspot blog while making another one with your name somewhere else, right? There’s no need to ruin a good thing.
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