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Infographic On Education

Picking the right career is an important life decision. You want to make sure that you pick a job that offers competitve salary, reasonable entry time, and long-time growth potential. There are plenty of jobs available at every degree level. Generally speaking, a more advanced degree will put you in a better situation to earn more. While unfortunate, men tend to make more than women. In fact, lesser qualified men often earn as much as more qualified women. That being said, you can often find career that matches your skill and gender the best.

The best job is one that pays well, fits your background, has long term growth, and is easy to enter.

The education infographic is a breakdown of the highest paying careers and average lifetime earnings based on education levels. We take a look at several factors like race, gender, and degree levels achieved to show readers the statistics and possibilities associated with higher learning.

jobs for different education level

Infographic and statistics created by Lift Education, where their goal is to provide the latest up to date information concerning all things relating to online education.

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