Keylogging the FBI Way

Magic Lantern may seem something out of a science fiction movie but it is very real and operational. With the Federal Bureau of Investigation at its helm, the tool has been behind many official surveillance activities which have not, always, been legal. Our info graphic tells more about the Magic Lantern, whose history can be traced back to 2001. This was when the FBI began its work on monitoring software that could be, remotely, installed without the user’s knowledge.

With the passage of time, the rootkit became advanced enough to steal vast amount of data from the target system, helping the FBI bust several extortion syndicates and identity theft cases. Magic Lantern also has support from some of the big antivirus makers like McAfee and Norton. They have ensured that a backdoor is left open for Magic Lantern to place a Trojan in any monitoring system, protected by them.

Our info graphic has a lot more details:

Keylogging the FBI Way, FBI's Magic Lantern!

Source: Mobistealth.

Author Bio:
Jane Andrew has been working on different aspects of privacy and security in the digital era.She writes for Mobistealth and tweets @janeandrew01.

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