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Productivity Tool Preview – Able2Extract Professional 11
The majority of our office documentation comes in PDF – the most known, universal format for viewing and storing documents. No matter the industry, profession or experience, everyone is still using it.

The PDF’s main trait is its non-editable nature. You cannot edit or change any content inside a PDF document, by default. Two reasons why:
  1. Security – PDF format is the most secure type currently available, thus you are unable to easily alter documents.
  2. Portability – PDF files tend to always keep the layout so they can be viewed and shared across devices and platforms.
Because you cannot copy or edit a PDF file, various companies develop software to help us solve that particular problem. One of those tools is Able2Extract, whose latest version is set to be released on December 5.
This brand new office productivity solution is called Able2Extract Professional 11 and we had the pleasure of reviewing it prior to its release.
Here is what you will have a chance to see in the latest build:

PDF Creation

Having in mind the latest document security concerns in almost all competitive industries, the developers of Able2Extract decided to up the ante and provide complete document encryption and decryption, upon PDF creation.

This means that you can set up document owners, configure passwords and share your documents securely. There are two ways to create PDFs in Able2Extract:
  1. After clicking the right-mouse-button on a supported file, select the “Print” option and choose Able2Extract Professional 11 printer.
  2. By clicking on a “Create” button in Able2Extract, the software will immediately make a PDF document from your desired file.
PDF compression is another sub-task, which allows you to set up image and text compression, therefore reducing file size for when you send it through email.

PDF Editing

Using Able2Extract’s upgraded PDF editing engine, you will have a chance to perform a wide variety of operations, most notably:
  • Add, remove and edit PDF text
  • Add images and vector shapes
  • Change text size, font color, fill and outline text blocks
  • Move and rotate all content blocks
  • Rearrange one or several pages
  • Combine multiple PDF files into one document
  • Split PDF documents
  • Rotate and delete pages across the document
  • Resize any individual page
Additionally, users can now redact (black out) all sensitive information from their financial and legal documents.

PDF Conversion

Able2Extract Pro 11 will keep the main strength of its predecessors. After all, this software is primarily a PDF conversion software. Version 11 is empowered with an improved OCR engine that enables you to convert scanned PDF documents into fully editable formats.

All conversions work the same: open your PDF by clicking on the “Open” button and selecting the desired file. Since Able2Extract is one of the most advanced converters out there, it supports conversion up to 12 different formats, such as:
  • PDF to Word
  • PDF to Excel
  • PDF to Image
  • PDF to CSV
  • PDF to PowerPoint
  • PDF to HTML
  • PDF to AutoCAD and more
As usual, users can use Custom conversion features to manually set up all needed parameters. Take note that the custom conversion is still limited to PDF to Excel and PDF to CSV.

PDF Annotations

In Able2Extract Pro 11 users do not need to install any plugins for annotations, as this new feature runs right inside the new Annotations Panel, which supports following annotations:
  • Sticky notes
  • Comments
  • Highlight
  • Underline and strikeout text
  • Stamps and watermarks
  • Hyperlink and attachment
Having in mind that this is just a quick preview, you can rest assured that the actual software provides even more productivity enhancing features, as these are just some of the new things you will get with Able2Extract 11. The tool is in many ways a useful product that can solve any PDF problems you might have.
A lifetime, single-user license will go for $129.95 and the software is available for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux users.

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