Replace Your Wedding Photographer With These Apps

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Replace Your Wedding Photographer With These Apps
Replace Your Wedding Photographer With These Apps

Imagine how great it would be if you could get out of spending one to four thousand dollars on a wedding photographer and still get the most wonderful pictures of your special day. This is all possible through a wedding photo app. If that is not enough to get you excited, then how about the fact that you can get such an app for just around $100? You will still have to pay to have the photos printed and framed, but you cut your wedding photography costs down an impressive amount. Here are some of the best photo apps that 2014 has to offer.

1. Wedsta

Remember when cameras were put out for the wedding guests to pick up and take pictures of the bride and groom, themselves and other people at the wedding? Well, this app really simplifies the whole process and is compatible with any iPhone or Android. You get the app and setup your account, then make sure that each of your guests has the app on their phone and is registered in your account. From here, a digital copy of any pictures your guests take while using the app will appear in your account, and you can access these pictures to share, print, edit, etc. for a year.

2. Capsule

This is a new one that’s still free. Just like the other photo apps, Capsule allows anyone who you grant access to upload photos to your album. In addition, your guests can also choose the photos they want as keepsakes and print them on their own or order them.

Those whom the bride and groom grant access to their account can also like and comment on any photos in the album, whether they were present at the wedding or not. Popular social media accounts are also integrated so that the bride and groom can share their pics easily and quickly. If you have pictures on Instagram that you would like to include in your Capsule album, then you can do that as well through the use of the famous hashtag. There is no expiration date for this app, so you and others you invite can begin adding photos as early as you like.

3. Wedding Snap

This is another photo app that is compatible with both iPhones and Androids. Pricing starts at $99. With this app, your wedding moments are captured through the eyes of your family and dear friends rather than some photographer. Anyone you share this app with can take both pictures and videos of your wedding. There is no expiration date on your account so you can go to your Wedding Snap gallery and enjoy the special memories captured here forever. Since you can purchase this app as early as you want, you can capture those special moments from prewedding days as well.

4. Wed Pics

This wedding photo app seems to have some neat features and it’s free. The bride and groom as well as an unlimited amount of guests can upload videos as well as photos. Uploads can then be organized into different albums. Those who were unable to attend the wedding can also be granted access to view the photos. You can do high quality downloads of any of the photos for printing and conventional framing or digital framing. There is no expiration on storage time, so you can download the app and make an account as soon as you want and include photos from events such as the proposal, the bachelor and bachelorette parties, etc.

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