MalwareBytes: It’s Free, But Is It Any Good?

In the sea of anti-malware programs there are some programs that standout for one reason or another…most often it’s simply because of reliability and overall value. Malwarebytes is one of those programs. Malwarebytes is a complete anti-spyware software that is recognized for its simplicity and ease of use.


As a primary freeware software program, Malwarebytes is more than respectable in its ability to protect computer systems against malware attacks. Honestly, Malwarebytes does not score as well as the pricier and more recognized protection software packages on the market, but what is does do is provide a simple interface that is easy for the less technical person to nagivate and effectively use.

Malwarebytes has the capability of detecting all types of known malware threats as well as many stealth malware threats that are present on your system. Not only does this program do a good job in detecting these threats it also does a respectable job in removing these threats from your computer. When there is a threat that Malwarebytes had difficulty removing it is usually on a system that is heavily infected and requires more detailed cleaning. For systems that are relatively clean this program generally runs smoothly.

As mentioned earlier one of the best features of this program is its ease of use. One does not have to be technically savvy in order to make optimal use of this program.

Down Side:

Although this program performs on an acceptable level on some key fronts, it does have some associated cons. One of the most significant down sides to this program is the fact that is does slow your computer down while performing active scans. Unlike some of the more popular anti-malware programs, Malwarebytes does not have the ability to effectively perform a full scan behind the scenes without a significant drag being placed on the operation system. Because scans can be time consuming and interfere with the normal work process, it is best to run them during normal down times.

Malwarebytes also performs below expectations in detecting and removing spyware. During the process of scanning for spyware, the program used, on average, 90MB of memory. This is significantly more than the average program with similar performance standards. Outside of the fact that the system scan monopolizes memory, the scan is excruciatingly slow, progressing at an average rate of 10MB per second. The combination of these two issues results in an overall poor system performance for your computer. To run regular functions during a scan is not recommended.

Bottom Line:

Malwarebytes is an effective anti-malware program. Although it has its challenges in performing in certain areas, it more than makes up for it with its simplicity and straight forward user interface.

If you suspect that your computer is already highly infected with malware and spyware, this is not the program for you, but if you have recently had your system cleaned and debugged, Malwarebytes is a viable alternative to some of the pricier programs on the market. As a freeware, it rates at the top.

Author Bio:

Louis Rossmann is a straight shooting tech guy who specializes in repair and LCD replacement. Contact him through his Rossmann Group website.

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