Special Features Of Employee Monitoring Software Increases Productivity

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Special Features Of Employee Monitoring Software Increases Productivity
Advanced online technologies have benefitted many businesses. Although, internet has brought about many positive changes in the way the works are being done, but there are some drawbacks attached to it.

Internet has become very important for most workplaces, but some of the employees use it for non work related or personal purposes. The office computers are being used by employees to send private messages to their friends, outside the workplace. The management can now control such policy breaches by installing employee monitoring software.

Internet monitoring software:

Online monitoring tools are used to track employee’s work productivity, and it scrutinizes their online movements. This software helps in tracking the productive hours of all the staff members. You can effortlessly keep an eye on multiple departments. Every incoming and outgoing e-mails and messages can be monitored by the operators.

The robust internet filters allows you to track and print nearly any data on internet surfing. It is a potent solution to monitor employee routine, preserve company data, and enhance the workplace competence.

The work time tracking is a helpful feature in monitoring software. You can easily determine the activities that consume your employee’s time. Integrated with attendance tracking system, it can be applied as a productivity enhancer. It helps the management to track the unproductive activities like chatting, playing games, or gambling.

It helps in tracking the idle time spent by employees away from computers. Online monitoring application permits you to record keystrokes, supervise messaging, and capture screenshots instantaneously.

Blacklisting websites:

Some of the sites can be blacklisted using keywords and URL’s through various categories that are built into the application. Instead of totally blacklisting the website, you can set it up to exhibit an alert on un-related site. Misuse of internet on office computers by workers for personal use, can now be stopped completely.

The program comprises of both server and client based panels. Both panels can be easily installed, and they have a friendly interface.  There is nothing too technical about the software. At the time of setting it up, the management has an option to associate it to several users concurrently. The monitoring can be performed directly from the servers, or remotely from a distant location.

Additionally, reporting features are designed to create reports based on the pre defined criteria, which can be tailored and scheduled according to the business needs. Reports can be generated for the single user or cumulatively for the entire group of users. Online monitoring software can also evaluate proxy servers and log files.

Each report can have specified parameters, including lists of applications, websites, users and computers. Reports can be exported in different formats. The visual reports can be displayed using charts and graphics.

Applying an internet tracking system enables the manger to monitor to the employees secretly. It is a perfect solution and limits the misuse of office hours, and for evaluating every employee’s performance.

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