The Benefits of Twitter to Every Modern Business

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The Benefits of Twitter to Every Modern Business
The dilemma that lots of modern companies face is far removed from the early question of whether employees need to use social media at work. Having seen the far-reaching good effect of social media to firm profitability and success, the one question that should be on the minds of managers is how to effectively use social media within the place of work. One of the accessible social media platforms that aid in enhancing employee’s productivity, abilities and interaction within the organization is Twitter. You may also check if you so desire to improve your Twitter presence immensely.

Benefits of Twitter to Modern Business

Hiring the Best Talent

A survey by the Emerging Workforce Study discovered that 45% of staff considered that a company’s presence in social media affects their choice of a new employer. This shows that a company that does not have a meaningful social media presence could be less appealing for many potential employees.

A firm can take advantage of the personal accounts of its employees to help improve its reach in online platforms such as Twitter. Indeed, workers can be great brand evangelists for the company, simply by tweeting on current events within the business. In comparison to the company’s Twitter account alone, it will be simpler to cover different online communities if all the Twitter accounts of your employees are maximized. It’s through this that a lot of prospective workers will be reached and give awareness at the same time concerning the company itself.

Giving workers the freedom in making use of their own Twitter account while at work will much more likely attract today’s skilled and talented people. Many such creative minds like venturing into new areas of discovery without much regulatory problems. With that, most skilled workers choose to work in a flexible working environment.

Then again, the level of productivity at work will be compromise if the use of social media is abused. Hence, any company seeking to maintain the benefits of social media should evaluate the best way to utilize social platforms. One way to handle the use of social media may involve greater access by departments that benefit most from its use. The departments that typically benefit most from use of social media include:

  • Sales
  • Advertising, and
  • Customer care

Enhanced Productivity

A new study carried out by Evolv (a company that evaluates the metrics of Fortune 500 companies) found that use of social media actually improves productivity among certain groups of workers. The social interaction offered by sites like Twitter provides the best opportunity for many sales people to achieve bigger reach with prospective clients. As compared to the employees who aren’t benefiting from the usage of social media, these employees are able to close a number of deals and simply bringing their business to greater heights.

There were also companies which took advantage of Twitter in making use of their accounts to offer customer care services. By way of this, any client’s complaints, concerns and queries can be immediately managed by employees. Considering this fast and dependable response, the company can attain customer loyalty that will also guarantee long term sales.

In addition, employees can effortlessly determine the company’s reputation in line with the public’s perception in Twitter. Besides, any misguided opinions can be directly corrected before it actually shed a bad light for the company. Also, wrong information regarding the company can be dealt with by brand managers as soon as it is detected. Thus, the reputation of the firm is left unstained.

Such social platforms as Twitter give a great chance for following up on previous clients of the company. Sales personnel can continually communicate with past clients without appearing to be pushy when it comes to business related deals. With this casual communication, the firm will be able to land more return of sales opportunities from former clients.

Social media recognition that any worker have achieved will also impact the organization in a good way. Many individuals on social media would have a positive perception of the businesses in which well-known professionals work. In other words, if specialists are highly prominent in social media platforms, they would also spread the fame to the companies they’re a part of.

Better Relationships at Work

Benefits of Twitter to Every Modern Business
In terms of modern organizations, they offer an open line of communication between entry level personnel and greatest ranking executives. Such active communication could be enhanced further through social media platforms. Such a platform as Twitter facilitates for an unreserved and truthful interaction between workers at different levels in a company. This will also provide lower-level employees a chance to say what they want to say towards the higher-level personnel within the company. This is contrary to traditional memos and emails which provide less opportunity for entry-level employees to express their unreserved opinions.

Twitter really gives a clear line of social communication between employees that promote understanding and appreciation. Moreover, workers can easily share their ideas, perspectives, and how they see life which can help them lead to far better choices. HR managers can make use of this platform into their own benefit. By knowing the current issues that are brewing within the company; they can handle each issues by developing useful strategies and programs that will afterwards eliminate any resistance against the firm.

Countless companies organize team building activities partly to develop closer social interaction among the workers. Such social interaction can be boosted through social media. By interacting with one another on Twitter, numerous workers develop closer relationships beyond the work environment. This can assist develop team work and cooperation within a business.

Once employees and managers are having a good line of communication on Twitter, this promotes understanding not just on a personal level but also to the innate skills and talents they possess. This is one way of getting information that is needed in the deciding which employee deserves a job promotion. Nevertheless, HR managers can determine the ideals and values of the employees which also work as a basis for promotion.

Social media is currently an essential tool in the business operation of countless organizations. No business companies can afford to miss making use of this useful tool if they want to be successful. By identifying and using the advantageous aspects of social media use, both small businesses and large organizations can accomplish greater productivity and long term sustainability.

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