The Internet Of Things: The Future Has Arrived

If you think the Internet of Things is a typing error of sorts, think again. It is a very real concept. In fact, it was predicted to be one of the top 10 technology trends for 2013 by industry experts.

The Internet of Things and its uses:

When asked to define the internet, you’d probably answer that it is a collection of web pages linked together. The Internet of Things work on the same concept, but instead of linking the pages from websites, it connects technological devices with each other and human users.

Like the internet as we know it, the Internet of Things will facilitate the exchange of information. But this information will come from the technological devices themselves, as opposed to being entered by humans. Think, for example, of a system that monitors the energy usage of your home. The appliance ‘speaks’ to the plug, in turn that plug sends information to your smartphone or tablet.

Tech experts predict that the Internet of Things and its method of communication will make its way into all parts of our everyday life eventually. In a business sense it can be used to track and control stock or monitor machinery in order to alert the business owner when a piece of equipment should be replaced, recalled or repaired. For the individual, the possibilities are limitless as well. The Internet of Things will serve you at home or on the road and in public places as well.

One global company that’s exploring ways to incorporate the Internet of Things into their product, is motor giant Ford. They’re envisioning pre-ordering coffee from your car and paying for fuel at a gas station via your vehicle. That’s not the end of it. Ford is also looking to implement a system that will be able to monitor the driver for a debilitating medical condition, like a heart attack or stroke. If such a condition is detected, the system will alert the vehicle and the vehicle will adapt the driving to prevent an accident from happening.

Other incredulous uses for the Internet of Things are billboards that are able to tailor their marketing message to the profile of the consumer in its vicinity. In the agricultural sector, it will relay information regarding soil quality and condition to farmers. The farmer will then be able to review and adjust his farming methods and techniques.

Concerns regarding the Internet of Things:

Due to the fact that the Internet of Things will connect just about every element of life and will enable M2M communication in its smartest form ever, there are some concerns regarding the concept. The main issue is of course security, especially in the business and government sector but also for the individual. All that information floating around means there are more chances for espionage, identity theft, fraud and other disruptive attacks. This just means that digital security measures will have to develop at the same pace as the Internet of Things. The usual methods won’t necessarily be enough to ensure that information is only delivered to the intended recipients.

Despite the concerns, the amalgamation of the Internet of Things into our day-to-day life is highly anticipated by the tech sector, businesses and individuals that are future-minded. They’re all of the opinion that the age of smart communication will mean a life lived much more efficiently. After all, the machines will think for us.

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I am Greg Jones: a food fundi, gym lover and family man. In my spare time, I love researching technological advancements and how they have an effect on our lives.

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