The Rise Of The Mobile App

Smartphone’s are pretty incredible, as is the internet itself. This article will chart the continued rise of the Smartphone and the applications that make them so appealing to their users. In the internet age we live in, having access to it at all times is vitally important. May it be because you need to do some shopping or check your bank account balance, the option has to be there.

Many of you will work in the city and have high pressure jobs that require a lot of phone calling and instant messaging; the only way to get that on the go is with one of these phones. Businesses are now fundamentally tailored around the functionality of mobile devices including tablets.

Think back to ten years ago and then compare the business world to what it is like now, the rise and change has been incredible. There are three key reasons why the mobile application has become so popular and I will explain them within the this article,

The Internet:

The Rise Of The Mobile App

The rise of the mobile application can be attributed solely to the rise in the internet and thus the rise in the number of Smartphone’s on the market. It is frightening how far technology has come in such a short space of time and it is only going to get more detailed and advance.

Most people are internet literate nowadays and this is reflected in the complexity of apps and mobiles. As more people become comfortable with using the internet (don’t forget it is still a new thing) wed developers are becoming more willing to advance the apps they produce.

You can get an application for almost anything; I will touch upon this later in the article.


A lot of people in the world today have experience everything that they want or need to experience, may it be travelling or purchasing goods. There is a lot of wealth in the world and people get very bored and mobile applications can often provide the stimulation they need.

It is something that is out of your control; you don’t set the levels or create the rules. You have got to abide by someone else’s and that frustration/sense of achievement after completion is something you can’t get from buying the latest car on the market.

Ease of Access:

You can literally do anything on an app nowadays. You can do your banking, your shopping, book your holidays, have a gamble and check your Facebook, all within a few seconds. The ease of access and wide ranging nature of apps makes them so appealing and companies such as Made with Marmalade have recognized this.

They create cross border platforms for apps that can be used on all Smartphone’s and thus they infiltrate every aspect of the market. This is just one example of how companies are clocking on to the fact the internet is the most progressive market to be involved in. The future can only get more advanced and people have such an open mind when it comes to technology that any new creations will certainly have the required audience.

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Andrew is an author with a love for modern technology. He likes to keep up to date with the latest phones and tablets as well as writing about them.

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