Top 8 affiliate tracking software

Affiliate marketing is a massive mean of making money online but its isn’t a rich scheme, however I can’t deny that it can bring hell lot of profit to you if you got skilled in it,and in this money making market of affiliates, a tracking software can definitely induce a prompt and dynamic progress in your business without investing much ,Affiliate tracking software are already in demands ,as it trace the outgoing endorsement or recommendation done by an affiliate on his personal level to influence the other user for a particular product or services so that you can call money in your pocket when a user among the audience buys any product specifically from your referral link.

While working on affiliate marketing, several marketing analyst and affiliate trainers recommend affiliate tracking software to budding affiliate and experienced affiliate marketers too as these software programs support to manage leads and track the real time performance, develop unique UI and gets easily customize with you system.
There is a huge range of tracking software that track the market with comprehensive customization and bring out the best multiple aliases for your business and can through you into multilevel marketing and gross your business to a great hip.
LEADDYNO is been on the top of affiliate tracking software ever since it had stepped into the industry, it is among the most easiest and peculiar affiliate tracking program for the newbies. Including wide range of features and integrating channels to help the affiliate for creating better influence in the market, it also has a separate tool kit for the testing and managing data, it track the records and leverage Email marketing tracking , AdWords tracking ,Banner Ad tracking . it includes widgets sharing and follow lead routes also customize affiliate with drip sequence and can integrate with CRM, works on SEO and broadcast using social networks , add campaigns and bulk management of leads and gets easily customize with size plus has a mobile optimization advancement to turn up the leads in one click ,also provides digital analysis and enable better monetize on the performance index , represent graphical analysis and has one click integration with PayPal.
POST AFFILIATE PRO is a fast effective and automated affiliate tracking program it is in the industry since 2004 , it has expandable features and has different panel support to stats and mange affiliate tracking , it has banner management , emails and newsletters management ,coupons management ,fraud detection and has multiple language support system , it also support online as well as offline data action and sharing, it track affiliate referral and commission and hold the entity record for future reference, it rely on click and sale model and combined with multiple tracking methods, most robust and flexible affiliate tracking tool of the modern time, Integrates WordPress signup, provide easy digital downloads and connect to over 170+ CMS and payment gateways.
TRACKING DESK is a cloud based tracking software that allows you to tag user and provide you advance traffic routes, provide a full-fledged management suite with MLM i.e multi-level marketing, has custom landing page and geo-targeting and visual analysis of data and earned commission with keyword tracking and conversion rate optimization, it mainly targets toward media buyers, PPC, SEO and email marketing and Provide action testing analysis and commission tracking tool of it elaborate each edge of income and the route of the particular source.
EVERFLOW is also in the list of best affiliate tracking software, it has advanced and most digitalize campaign management and report generating system  with an attractive UI and has extensive features, it shares live reports in the form of graphs and line charts, also shares live notification system, fast in response to every query input the balance configuration of it excel in all the criteria full filling and gracefully managing all the features at desktop and mobile version too, it Has an advanced tool kit for newbies to track the on-going engagement with the audience and provide multidimensional report and analysis on the market records.
IMPACT RADIUS is in the market since around 2008 it has extra dynamic features that provides automatic on boarding, call tracking and flourishing promo codes, email tracking plus SEO friendly links generation with flexible tracking protocols to combine with hand held device users to feature essential data to promote and gross the business, it has also integrated with CRM and sale force. 
LINKTRUST has a good market capture on digital tacking, it create and track leads manage call , email , and all the auxiliary networks, it has a customize  interface to track online and offline ads through mobile traffic, newsletters ,server ports ,cookies , pixels and pay per call to. Linktrust endeavour market with precise efficiency and has RTA ( Remote Traffic Agent) to manage and optimize leads on the server and balance time by detecting fraud leads so that the affiliate don’t have to waste time on it. 
VOLUME is among the top affiliate tracking software, it track, control and optimize your affiliate marketing dashboard and add tons of campaigns on your site, track every user that visit the site and influence them via promo codes to make them join in the market, creates swift black and white lists within your systems dashboard it has landing page and focus on each factor for greasing your business.
CAKE is a complete tracking tool kit for affiliates to manage the performance with customizing dashboard, it has real time metrics system, target on campaign by locating devices, it include fraud protection system, mobile tracking, performance analysis and report generation panel and creative traffic control management, it has pixel and post back management, has multiple payout formats for easily transferring commissions to the affiliates.

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