Top Android Apps For CEO’s

CEO’s are busy people. They are often on-the-go with hardly a chance to keep track of their schedule, expenses or sit down and answer an email. The right combination of Android apps, however, can make the life of a CEO much easier.

If you’re so busy you can hardly keep track of your life, check out these top Android apps for CEO’s:

The Business Calendar App:

The name of this app says it all. The Business Calendar app is perfect for every CEO who can’t keep their schedule straight.

This app will let you manage multiple daily agendas all at once from one home screen. You can search for specific events within the agenda, add recurring events to you calendar and add a variety of colors to different events to keep your schedule more organized.

The best part about the Business Calendar app is that it automatically syncs with your Calendar in Google Docs, allowing you to change your agenda even while you sit at your desk.

The Assistant App:

The Assistant app is like having a personal assistant with you at all times, but without the high salary and nagging voice.

The Assistant works with simple voice commands. The app will help you find nearby restaurants, coffee shops and other points of interest, and it can help set a daily agenda and will allow you to add items whenever you want.

This app is perfect for CEO‘s who need to stay organized but want to have fun while doing it.

The Executive Assistant:

If you’re one for forgetting to check your emails or text messages, the Executive Assistant is the perfect solution to your problems.

This unique Android app automatically updates you on events that happen within your smartphone. The app will let you know when you’ve received a text message, a new email or missed a call. You can even reply to emails and text messages straight from the app’s home screen.

Once you’ve downloaded The Executive Assistant, you will never miss an important text or email again.

Astrid Task:

Astrid Task isn’t no ordinary task and tracking app. This unique Android application allows you to create task groups, record different activities that must be completed within a certain time frame and delegate work to your employees. All you have to do is add employees to your group and begin sending them assignments. Once the task has been completed, you will be notified instantly.

Astrid Task will make sure that your employees receive their assignments in a timely matter, leaving them with little room for excuses as to why they didn’t complete them.

How to get the above Apps:
A simple search on google with the app name followed by “for Android mobile” will lead you to the download page! 🙂

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