Trick To Earn More Points On Yahoo Answers

If you find difficulty in getting your answer to be chosen as best on yahoo answers, so that you can earn more points then you are at right place.

Here is a trick which i personally use to earn more points on yahoo answers, Iam going to share it with you.

Steps to do:

  • Try to answer as many questions as possible without limit.
  • Make sure your answers are somewhat reasonable and related to the question so that it is not going to get marked as spam.
  • If you are lucky some of your answers would be chosen by the asker as the best, so that you can earn 10pts.
  • If you are not lucky follow the below trick to make your answers to get marked as the best by you yourself.

The Trick:

  • To make this trick work you must have answered more and more answers the previous days.
  • You might have came to know that every answers goes for voting after 4days.
  • This is where you can do this trick.
  • Go to your my activity in yahoo answers and in the My Answers sections on that page check for the questions which has been set to Voting.
  • Open that question and choose(Vote) the answer you wrote as the best answer.
  • After some times you will came to know that you have earned 10 points as, Your answer was chosen as the best by the voters.
How it works:

Voters on the yahoo answers are rare as this make them to earn only 1point. So, they choose other way rather than voting answers. So, that in some of the unvoted answers even if it receives one vote it will be chosen as the best.
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