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Unblock PUBG Mobile
Unblock PUBG Mobile

With a lot of restrictions going around by blocking many mobile applications, games, and websites, one would have never thought that the most popular mobile game PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG) would get blocked out of Google Play and other app stores. There are also talks on blocking the requests to the PUBG server thereby even if you obtain PUBG mobile game from different sources other than Google’s play store you will not be able to play the game. But don’t worry, we still got a couple of methods to unblock PUBG mobile for free. ????

So, let’s look into ways to unblock PUBG mobile bypassing all these restrictions.

How to Unblock PUBG Mobile?

There are many ways to unblock PUBG mobile ranging from using a VPN to tunnel your traffic to the PUBG server to using third party desktop emulators like Tencent Gaming Buddy, but to be on the safer side it’s always preferred to use any paid or freely available VPN services to safely bypass the prying eyes and play the game.

Method 1: Using VPN on Mobile

Follow the below steps to get a free VPN client onto your device from google play and unblock pubg mobile with it.

Steps to unblock PUBG Mobile on mobile phones

  • Get the PUBG mobile apk from web and install it. (Get it here)
  • Go to Google Play and get a free VPN of your choice. (I have tried, Thunder VPN and it works great)
  • Just choose a random country from the VPN app and connect to it.
  • Now open the game.
  • That’s it, you now unblocked PUBG mobile for free. ????

Method 2: Using Emulator on PC

Ok, to start with, I recommend using a VPN on your PC like we did on method 1 for mobile to unblock PUBG mobile on PC. Then get an emulator that works best for you and enjoy the game.

Steps to unblock PUBG Mobile on PC

  • Get a free VPN client for your PC. (ProtonVPN works great for me)
  • Install the VPN client and connect to any random server location.
  • Now download an emulator of your choice (I prefer Gameloop) and follow the setup instructions.
  • Once the setup is done and the game is installed, you ar ready to play!

Note that using VPN is the key to unblock PUBG mobile on both smartphones and PCs.

Hope the above methods helped you to unblock PUBG and play the game bypassing any restrictions in place. Don’t stop just unblocking this game, there are being continuous restrictions imposed on several apps, games and websites online, and there is a way to bypass all these restrictions by using free services like proxy site, do check them out and enjoy unblocking.

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