What are Cloud Services?

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What are Cloud Services?
If you work in business and computers, chances are you would have heard about cloud services. It’s something that is talked about a lot but rarely explained to those who don’t know. If you are starting a job in this area or are just curious about the service and how it can help you, it’s important it is explained clearly to you.

Below is a guide on cloud services. This article covers what it means, what cloud services are and how they can help you and your company. Hopefully, after reading you should have a better understanding of cloud services.

What does the term “cloud” mean?

The term cloud in computing refers to internet based computing. It is when all your resources, files, software, programs and information you share on it are available to other computers and internet enabled devices. It means everything you store on your cloud is easily available online.

What are cloud services?

Cloud services are when a business offers secure cloud space to individuals, businesses and organisations.

With a cloud service you can have programs such as word processing programs, spread sheet programs, in-house data systems and email programs easily available without the use of downloading the software onto your computer or device. The result is easy accessibility to files and programs from any device so that you can work from any device and share files and information with others. It works great with families, who may want to share photographs and files, and it works for businesses that may need to work on shared files and access informationeasily and regularly.

How can cloud services help me and my business?

Cloud services can help your business if you rely on your team to access the same files and if your company is computer based. When you work in an office, frequently you will need to access a file someone else has been working on or updating. With a cloud service, anyone of your staff members with the right permissions can access these shared files, saving you time and money. With a cloud service you don’t need to waste time emailing things or downloading them onto external hard drives, this in turn can save you money.Using cloud services can mean if an employee can’t come in because their child is sick off school or it’s a snow day, your employee can still work that day from home by just logging onto the cloud service where all the files they’ve been working on are stores.

What companies provide cloud services?

There are many types of companies that supply cloud services. The first thing to take into consideration is security and reliability. Consider how there are three different types of cloud: public, private and hybrid. Work out which type will serve your needs best, for example if you are using the service for personal use, private is good for you.Do some research on companies before committing to a service as there are many companies now offering this and therefore, a lot of competition. Companies that specialise in technology solutions usually offer this service and tend to be reliable due to their specialised field.

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