Which Operating System Should You Choose for Your Next PC?

Purchasing a new computer could often get daunting and while there are a number of things that you need to keep in mind in order for you to make the right choice, it still gets confusing because of the multiple options that are available. If you don’t really know what you are looking for and how to differentiate between choosing a Chromebook, a Windows laptop or even a Linux you are a few things that you should keep in mind in order for you to make the right choice.


Windows is one of the best options for people all across the globe because of the user-friendliness that it has to offer. There is no denying that Windows is the most popular choice because of the various options available and the high compatibility level that it has. You can also choose to install the windows module to ensure that your system runs correctly and smoothly. If you’re wondering what is Windows modules installer doing then it is highly recommended that you get some research done before you choose the right Windows computer.
If you are an avid gamer and you enjoy playing games on your computer for long hours, then Windows is by far the best choice for you because you will be able to play some of your most favorite games on Windows computers more effectively than any other computer in the market today.
There also number of software options that run more smoothly with Windows computers in comparison with any other operating system. If you need a computer for work, then Windows is definitely a better choice because you will be able to transfer data from one device to another smoothly without having to worry about any compatibility issues. Windows is also an affordable option in comparison to all the other operating systems that you will find and you are always going to get some of the best choices with a Windows computer in comparison to the other operating systems. While Google Chromebook is limited to a few models, Linux is usually available only on Apple Mac computers which could be a little heavy on your pocket. When it comes to Windows you have a choice between budget computers as well as high end gaming laptops that you can choose from.


Apple introduced Mac a while ago, and while this became a very popular operating system, it soon lost out to other more competitive operating systems in the market. However, there are still a number of people who enjoy using a Mac Operating System much better than any other because of the functionality and the overall design that Mac is best known for.
When it comes to choosing a sleek, classy and luxurious computer you cannot go wrong with a Mac. If style is what impresses you most, then there is no better computer than a Mac to opt in for. However, it’s not just style that makes Mac one of the more popular operating systems in the market today.
Since these operating systems are usually high end and you will be able to get a lot done on them. The only problem with investing in a Mac is that you will have to be ready to shell out a good amount of money on a quality laptop. While MacBooks are generally more expensive than the other laptops that you will find, they are long lasting and will definitely last you better and serve you better in comparison to a Windows laptop which is why you should consider investing in it.
Mac laptops are usually best for people who tend to work on high end graphic designs and spend long hours on their computer. The battery life of a MacBook is always going to be better than Microsoft Windows because they are ultra thin and do not require too much power to stay on for long. They also amazing laptops for college kids because you can experiment with your laptop as much as you want and try your different things so can you figure out what you want to do.


Linux is one of the oldest operating systems that is available in the market today. With the help of Linux you can have a number of benefits that you do not usually get with other operating systems. Linux also comes with ready versions of Mozilla Firefox as well as Google Chrome. Unlike popular belief, Linux is quite effective and is very user friendly. There are a number of manufacturers that still make Linux laptops. You can even install the Linux operating system on your current computer by getting it from a Linux distributor. However you need to be technically very competent in order to install the Linux software. These systems are usually used by developers and tech geeks and they find it better than Windows.

Chrome Operating System

This is a relatively new operating system that has been launched into the market. The Google Chrome operating system is very lightweight and is slowly capturing most of the market. However this operating system is very simple and it just runs the Google Chrome web browser and a few basic desktop components. You will have access to all the Chrome Apps as well as Google Chrome and a few Android apps and that’s all that you can do on this operating system. You will not be able to run any kind of Windows desktop software or even Linux desktop software for that matter. This Chrome operating system is pre-installed on chrome books and it gets updated automatically. This even syncs with your Google Drive and helps with file storage from your Chromebook. You do not require any kind of antivirus software to run on this Chromebook because the Google system is so strong. If all you require is Google Chrome and you want a very simple computer with a complete keyboard and a powerful desktop then a Chromebook with the Chrome operating system is a very good option. If you want to use other features such as a Photoshop and other such things then you can look elsewhere for other operating system options.

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