Why Do We Love YouTube So Much?

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Why Do We Love YouTube So Much?

Why YouTube was our Favourite? Why Do We Love YouTube So Much?

Ah, YouTube! It seems everyone knows this site. In fact, it’s even become its own search engine and even those who are not highly tech-savy have heard of the site and in most cases, have even seen some videos on it. We can safely say that people love YouTube but then we ask “Why?” What is it about this site that makes it so popular?

Well, that’s a great question based on the addictive nature of the popular site. Why DO we love YouTube so much and why are so many people viewing, uploading, sharing and rating videos on the popular site?

It could be that we get instant videos at the tip of our fingers or making it’s because of the wide variety of content that’s shared. It’s easy to use and it allows you the platform to make and share your own videos as well as watch those of others. In fact, this is why this site was originally created. It is a product of necessity and for that reason alone, it’s easy to see why so many people love it. But there’s more…

Social Times brings us The Top 5 YouTube Vloggers and Why People Love Them which gives us some insight into what makes YouTube so great. By watching their videos, people get to know these vloggers on an intimate level. It can be a bit like having a favorite TV show but then actually being able to post comments and chat with your favorite stars.

Using YouTube for Your Videos:

If you want to use YouTube for your own videos, then you can create an account for free and then begin uploading. You will get your own channel and you can use a custom design to personalize your channel to your needs. Some people will cheat YouTube views so they have a more popular-seeming account or channel. This is because they want to get more people to like their videos and channel by making it appear more popular.

Other users don’t care about this at all and may only use YouTube to share family videos long distance, to express themselves or to create How To content. It’s really about what you want to gain from the experience and whatever you feel like posting videos about. This is part of why people love YouTube so much- you have freedom and control to do nearly anything you want, provided you follow the rules.

Using YouTube to Watch Videos:

Now if you’re not looking to make your own videos right now, you can still gain a lot from YouTube since you can use to watch videos and even Download youtube videos. It’s completely free, user-generated content. Many famous artists, musicians and performers will put some of their content up for free as well so you can listen to music and watch music videos among many other things.

You can learn to do just about anything via YouTube videos. So again, this is just one more reason people love the site so much. What are some reason that you love YouTube?

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