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Windows Phone 8 – Must Have Apps

The race to find the best mobile operating system is heating up. With the evolution of the app ecosystem, people have begin to list the apps available before choosing the OS suitable for them. For now, Blackberry is the one that it’s lagging behind every other since it was a late comer, launching just months back. But, there are yet to release platforms such as the Ubuntu mobile OS, Jolla Sailfish and even the one from the browser giant, Firefox OS.

Today, we take a look at some of the best apps available for the Windows Phone 8 platform:

1.) Photofunia:

Windows Phone 8 – Must Have Apps

These days, photo editing apps are taking the front seat. Photofunia is one such app that equips you to add different kinds of effects to your memories.

2.) WhatsApp:

Windows Phone 8 – Must Have Apps

Instant messaging has been to a different level with this brilliant app. Whatapp allows you to share Photos, Videos, Audio and even Contact info with your beloved friends and family. The app is equipped with a huge lot of emoticons which aid you to express your reactions clearly.

The services offered by Google are always inevitable. The quality of their service is so great that cannot be expressed in words. Though there is Bing search pre-installed, people can have a taste of Google with the simply built Google Search app. It is similar in the case of maps, Nokia maps (rebranded later as Here Maps) is just superb, especially for the Indian customers. But Google search is something special. It even provides you with live features such as the traffic details and also the travel routes more precisely. Even though Google’s official Maps app is not yet available for the platform, “Gmaps” comes with all the features that Google could offer.

4.) Twitter:

Windows Phone 8 – Must Have Apps

As you know, Twitter let’s you find the trending news on the web. This app for Windows Phone is so beautifully crafted to even display real time search results, tweets, share photos and more. You can even create a twitter account if you don’t have one.

5.) Skydrive:

The future is the cloud and so the Skydrive from Microsoft does the same. It lets you store any kind of file from your PC or mobile on theorem cloud servers and lets you seamlessly access your files at the time of need from any device. What’s more? Microsoft even provides free extra storage space for its Windows Phone users.

Some of the other notable apps are:

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