Does Bing Says “Your Feed Was Empty” On Submitting Your Blogger Blog’s Sitemap?

Does Bing Says "Your Feed Was Empty" On Submitting Your Blogger Blog's Sitemap?

Hi friends in this post i would like to share with you that How i overcome this problem from bing.

I too had this problem from Bing saying that “YOUR FEED WAS EMPTY” when i submitted this blogger blog’s sitemap in different formats. But Google don’t have this problem. This problem is mainly due to the reason that bing was unable to locate the sitemap in your blog.

I tried to submit sitemap in different formats as shown below:


But the result was “YOUR FEED WAS EMPTY”. Then i tried sitemap.xml as suffix to my site url and this got my problem to get solved. I cannot guarantee you that this will solve your problem from bing but i got this problem solved by this way.

NOTE: This is only for blogger blogs and i don’t know about others.

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See the screenshot below:

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