Free iPad Apps for Kids – Keep Your Little Ones Busy with These Interesting Apps

Kids love spending time with gadgets like iPads, laptops, and mobiles. There are many iPad apps that are specifically developed to make your child’s learning process simpler. While using these apps, they will gain knowledge and develop creative thinking.

Most of the kids love the Squiggles app. This app gives them a drawing playground, where they can paint with their fingers. They will be instructed on how to draw pictures. Your child might be asked to paint a zebra, lion, car, or any other thing they choose. Once they complete it, you could save the picture of your child’s creation.

Bugs and Numbers is a popular math app, which is designed to develop the math skills in toddlers. 18 mini games included in this app will help them learn different mathematics skills in an interesting way. As the player crosses different levels, the difficulty level will automatically increase.

Some of the skills that the player could easily learn include:

  • Fractions
  • Subtractions
  • Telling time
  • Addition
  • Division

Face iMake:

           Developed by Right Brain Creativity, this app is specially designed for kids of 4 years or more. Here, the player will get the chance to play with household items, food, and other accessories virtually. They will be given a blank canvas, which has to be filled with pots, pans, foodstuffs, and other things. Your child could use creativity to design a masterpiece. They can rotate the pictures and resize them, drag them, and do much more.

Play your favorite game on iPad:

          The Angry Birds app has become a favorite game among people of all age groups. A new version of the game, namely Star Wars Angry Birds has been introduced in the market. Every time you cross a level, your difficulty level will automatically increase and the game will become more complicated. This app has proved to be the best entertainment for kids.

Learn how to prepare cupcakes:

           Cupcake Maker app is loved by kids of all age groups. It allows your dear ones to prepare good cupcakes virtually. To prepare the cupcakes, they need to virtually mix water, eggs and other ingredients. Once they have prepared the batter, they need to put it inside the virtual oven. To complete the game, they could decorate cupcakes with icings, toppings, candles and other stuff. This app is ideal to enhance the creativity of your child.

Many of you might desire to tell your child the importance of healthy eating. Awesome Eating tool will make your task simpler. It explains kids of age 6 and above on how to select healthy food. The player will be provided with different virtual food stuffs like vegetables, fruits, whole grains, cookies and much more. They will be asked to drag and drop a particular food in the correct box. The 32 levels in this app will keep your kids busy. While playing, the tool will display useful information about good nutrition for the kids to read.

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