Step By Step – Adding Video To Wikipedia

Step By Step – Adding Video To Wikipedia

Adding video, audio or images to can have a two fold effect on your marketing.
It can be used for either getting quality backlinks to your own content or to hijack traffic from wikipedia.

The quality of the content has to fit in with the article you want to add your multi media content to though. The admins within wikipedia are very quick to delete content they think is not relevant or does not fit with the article or the section of the article.

So the first thing you need to do is choose between what form of multi media you want to add.

Here are the three options we have:

           This is not new, images have been on for a long time. I found personally the best way to do this was by adding local images of a library, an underground station and adding these images first to my own local seo site and then adding to and then from there adding them into in a relevant page about my locality with the file source leading back to the page on my site that the image came from. I found this particularly useful if linking to a content page and I would subtly add some info about a free video training course or a free consultation.

           This is very new! This gives us a huge opportunity as there are millions of articles on wikipedia and very few of them have video! Its possible to add video you have on sites like youtube and flickr and its also OK to add video from your own site as long as you own the rights to that video. Now we have some options within these options…If using your youtube channel then you can link to your channel, your video URL or you can use your name and link that to anywhere really as long as its to your own stuff on the web. Linking to a google+ profile might be the best way of doing this and it needs to be tested, especially if you are syndicating your youtube channel content to Google+ which can be done by using and in the hootesuite account you link to then make sure you have google+ activated 🙂

           This is another great opportunity especially if you are doing podcasting or curating articles via audio. What you can do here if not, is use content that is freely available as public domain licensed content…for example martin Luther King speech but also link your name to your own content with your name being the vehicle for anchor text to your chosen web page, I would think that linking to your Google+ profile would be acceptable for the admins!

There are a couple caveats though!

  • Your user account must be more than 4 days old for video and audio.
  • You must have made at least 10 article edits before being allowed to add video and audio.
  • You cannot add How To Videos… (been there…tried it …got deleted very fast!)
OK so to add multimedia to here are the steps needed.
For video (and I think audio but never used audio myself) follow the steps below…
  1. Take a video of something that is relevant to a article and that you know does not have a video in the section you want to add a video to.
  2. Go to and convert your video file to ogg theora file type (.ovg) and save on your desktop or a folder where you can easily find it.
  3. Go to and click on the left hand side link that says “Uploads
  4. You will be presented with a wizard, close the first screen and click on next and follow the wizard along to upload your ogg theora video file (.OVG)
  5. Next you will be asked for the rights you have to add this content to, this is why its best to use your own videos that you created. I choose the first option that this is my own work.
  6. Next it will ask you to add a description, at this point you can simply add more info. and build out the Title into a description. Stick to what your content is about and do not use anything related to affiliate marketing, keep it factual.
  7. Next you will be given a code that you can use on a wiki page. It will look something like this… [[File:Northern Thailand Cuisine Fried Insects At Market Stall in The Floating Market Pattaya, Thailand.ogv|thumb|Northern Thailand Cuisine Fried Insects At Market Stall in The Floating Market Pattaya, Thailand]]
  8. Next go to the web page and then to the section that you want to edit and click on the edit link directly parallel to the section heading and it will open up the edit section, add your code to the bottom and click preview first to check and if you see your video appear when in preview mode, then you can click save and you are done as far as adding a video to
  9. We are not finished yet though, we want to add a clickable link directly from to your own web page on the web. This can be a Youtube Channel, Google + Profile, Website etc…. So we go back to and we click at the top where it says contributions. From here we scroll down and find the video file we just uploaded and click on the first edit link you see on the right hand side as you scroll under the video (The video will show on the page)
  10. OK now that we have entered the edit area we have two choices. First we can add a hyperlink to where your name is or we can add a hyperlink to a keyword in the description or we can add hyperlink to where it says file source Own…I have done both with where it says file source own and also where my user name/author name is. I recommend you use your author name. This is done via the hyperlink icon in the edit page which becomes a WYSYWYG editor with toolbar at the top of the edit section. Once you have added your link simply save and then go back and refresh you page and check that the hyperlink is there.

That’s all there is to it but this can be simplified by using the Wikipedia Video Submitter which is available by registering at my Traffic Academy membership site. It has a free membership level and a premium membership level but the free is more than enough for you to check out some of my other work, video training and software.  Click on this link and you will be taken to the registration page where you can then go into the membership and access the wikipedia video submitter.
Tony Hayes

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