Useful Apps for Your Android Tablets

With the advent of technology today, a lot of people are very much hooked in opting for the best and new gadgets, tools and applications too. Below are the list of most useful apps for ur Android Tablets.

Apps for your Android Tablets:

1.) The productivity tool for Android tablets:

          With this type of app you will be able to toggle settings from your profile options easily. You can easily change your profile screen, GPS off and on button using touch and volume control. This will be the best short cut key you can use especially during emergency situations.

2.) The barcode scanner:

         When you go shopping, you can use this bar code scanner to know the price of the product, you don’t have to look for a bar code scanner inside the supermarket because you have your own that will determine the price and the quality of the product brand you chose. There are also times when the camera of your phone will serve as the scanning machine if you don’t have the special key for the bar code apps.

3.) Task killer free advance for cheap tablets:

         This is best for people who are always on the go, it will close all apps that are not in use so that you will be able to preserve your battery life that will result in battery saving so you don’t have to always suffer from low battery.

4.) The AP apps:

         This type of apps is usually about news. You can get local and foreign news from this apps and it will also get stories that are meant for offline reading.

5.) The Astrid:

         This falls under the to-do list apps which will make you come up with a note pad that will make you level your priorities for the day, for the week and for monthly basis. You can set your things to do so that you will be reminded by an alarm every time it falls on the date of the note.

6.) The astro file manager:

         This app will screen the files you will be saving on your device and some files will be automatically redirected to the SD card when the device’s memory is already full.

7.) The Bonsai blast:

          This is a classic game that will entertain you because of its colorful bubbles you need to shoot and make it explode whenever the color matches in 3 consecutive rows. The graphics are great and it can also be very addicting.

8.) The apps uninstaller for cheap tablets:

          This app is about uninstalling files in batches when you don’t need them anymore. It will be helpful to you when you want to delete files that are in batches.

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