Web Monitoring Tools – Make Internet Surfing Safe For Your Child

Internet services are used by almost everyone across the globe. While some people use it to seek information, others might merely want it for entertainment. Users have complete freedom to use the internet according to their requirements.

Although internet has so many uses, it also has some drawbacks as well. It poses certain risks to children as well as grown-ups. We know that there are many violent content and pornographic websites, which are inept for children. According to some studies, many young people are addicted to social networking sites, which could impact their normal upbringing.

Parents always try to advice their children about using internet the right way. However, some children tend to ignore such warnings, and they end up accessing the websites that they are not supposed to.

How to deal with such a situation?

           Luckily, there are many software tools in the market, which can help you protect your child. Some of the well known ones are internet monitoring software and internet filtering software. These tools come with some great features that can help you take full control of your child’s online activities.

          You could block websites by listing out the URLs, or even filter the contents that are potentially inappropriate or harmful. You could also password protect the applications, so that your child will not be able to access them when you are not around.

           Internet monitoring applications are very efficient and flexible. You can even set filters to instant messages, chat boxes, and emails. You can customize them according to your kid’s age and suitability. Although these tools are user friendly, they come with many advanced features. The best thing is that you access your home computer remotely, from any other destination.

Log Files:

           Web tracking software creates a separate log file, which lists out all the activities taking place on a system. The usage history will still be available to you, even if your child or employee deletes the usage history from his end.

Internet monitoring at workplaces:

            Web monitoring tools are important for businesses as well. With the help of these tools, employers can check if their employees are seriously working, or just enjoying the internet facility. It also helps the management in allotting bandwidth to individual employees. You can easily block downloading and uploading on all the workstations. The tool gives detailed reports to the administrator on the usage of internet.

Make sure that you choose the right internet monitoring tools for your needs. Any good software will include most of the above stated features.

You could now create a safer online environment, be it at home or in your workplace.

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