10 Best Educational Apps Of 2013

Today, the world is technology driven. Both students and teachers are highly dependent on the electronic gadgets such as tablets and computers for teaching. Thus, educational apps are becoming quite popular among everyone. With these apps, it is now easy to learn and teach any subject.
The top 10 educational apps are mentioned below:

         It is one of best reading apps, which is available for free. The pages of the books are in movie motion, and it is easy to turn up the pages while reading. Many books have been included in the app, and if you want, you can also choose to get the premium books.
        Those who want to learn different languages, this app can be the best option for them. It contains the audio and visual programs for learning 50 languages of different places. You can improve your pronunciation skill through the audio program.
      To enhance the reading curriculum of kids, Kids ABC Phonics is among the best learning games. Through this app, your kid can learn how to spell and blend the words. There are different levels of games, which make it useful for kids studying in higher grades.
        Preschool kids can learn through art in a very easy way. They love drawing and filling colors in them. Thus, this app provides a scope to import a photo and fill colors in them. The procedure is very simple. Hence, it is not very tough for pre-school kids to handle this app.
       Preschool to elementary level kids can learn mathematics with this app in a very convenient manner. Different operations of mathematics such as addition, division, subtraction, multiplication, can be learnt without realizing them that they are studying.
         Learning English grammar is very important as it is the basics of the language. Different parts of speech, synonyms, verbs, and other topics included in the high school curriculum, can be learnt through it.
      It is considered to be the top most apps for the high school students. It is learning software with advanced and rich functions. You can learn several languages through the flashcard db.
8.) HomeWork:
        This app helps the students to keep a track record of their homework. They can list their assignments, time-table, date of examination, important notes etc. This makes their learning procedure very easy and systematic.
        It is a great app for group study. When teachers want to demonstrate some flash media to the whole class, it can be really a beneficial tool. Android tablets can be connected with Wi-Fi, which will enable all the students to watch at the same time on their individual tablets. 
10.) Star Chart:
        It is a great tool for the teacher to educate students about our universe. With this app, you can locate the exact position of the heavenly bodies in the universe even in the broad light.

Thus, whether it Android or iOS, educational apps are available for making the learning process much easier and faster than ever. You can buy these apps, so that education becomes easy and interesting at the same time.
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