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4 Best Apps For Learning On The Go

With the increasing demands on the lives of many people around the world, it’s difficult to find time to sit down and dedicate an hour or three to learning a new subject or skill. Luckily, app developers have also realized this and have made new apps and services that make it easy to learn, right from a mobile device.  Here are four of the best apps to download and use if you want to learn on the go.

You can download the following apps By doing a simple search on google with the app name.


These days, no business professional can go about their work life without knowing at least the basics of another language.  Duolingo is an app for mobile devices that lets people begin learning another language while they’re out and about, making it that much easier to get on with their professional lives, especially when dealing with representatives from other countries. Even better? It’s totally free.

Skill Pill:

Skill Pill is an extremely useful app for those who need to know something important very quickly. The objective of this particular mobile app is to help business professionals learn the key components of areas like management or sales.  Should anyone have a question on the drive to a big meeting or as they’re about to speak to an important client, Skill Pill will help them get through it with all the knowledge they need — right at their fingertips. The bonus of this app is that the articles within it are quite entertaining and the information is easily retained.

Sandler Training:

This mobile app is directed toward those professionals who work in sales or a sales-based working environment. Ranked as one of the best learning apps on the market, Sandler Training helps sales professionals get all the information they need while they’re on the go. If they’re headed to a large client and they want to brush up on their sales skills, Sandler Training is the perfect choice. For someone who’s a relatively new manager in a sales-based job, Sandler Training can help them get versed in the language of sales management. Although it is targeted toward a niche market, it’s one of the best and the mobile availability of such vital information is wonderful.

Good Practice:

For people who are in management or are just about to begin their management career, Good Practice is a mobile app that will benefit them greatly.  It’s an amazing app that allows management professionals to stay up to date with the latest tips and tricks for a successful career as well as stay fresh on current trends — even when they’ve not been in the office for a while.  Before they go into that meeting or begin that important conference call in the morning, managers can open this app on their mobile device and give themselves a quick rundown of many handy tricks that will help them remember what it means to be a good manager.  The information is easily read and although it’s hardly a training module, it does provide a lot of helpful reminders for busy professionals.

No matter what profession you have, there’s most likely an app that can help you learn on the go. You just need to figure out what you want to learn and you’ll be on your way.

Author Bio:

The author loves technology, works for an online algebra tutoring company, and lives in San Francisco.

A tech blogger by passion!

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