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How To Create Bootable Windows 8 Usb Drive

It’s been quite some time since we have seen technology revolving around portability. A USB drive acts as a portable medium for storing noticeable memory and as such a portable and a bootable windows  8 USB drive gives you a flexible availability of an operating system on your reach. Well most of the systems coming through in today’s age lack optical drives so it would be quite a wise decision to go on and use a bootable USB drive to install Windows 8 onto your system.

To create a bootable windows 8 USB drive we need to incur some requirements which happen to be:

  1. A flash (USB) drive bearing a capacity of 4 GB or more than that.
  2. A Windows 8 DVD or Windows ISO file which acts as the source which has to be transferred.
  3. If you consider having windows 8 DVD then you need an optical DVD drive in your computer but if you go onto have an ISO file then a USB port will work well.

Note: If you have a windows 8 DVD then you may proceed doing this procedure from the very first step, but if you have an ISO file then you need to go on from the second step.


  • First we have to create a windows ISO file from the windows 8 DVD. This ISO file contains all the data which needs to be transfer into the usb drive to create a bootable one. There are many tools to create an ISO file from a DVD; you can use any of them. My suggestion is, you can use Magic ISO.
  • After you have created the required ISO file, you need to download the Windows 7 USB/DVD download tool from the Microsoft Website and install it onto your computer. Windows xp users need image mastering api v2 to use this software.
  • After installing it start the download tool by looking for it either in the start menu or the shortcut icon on the desktop.
  • When the tool utility will open up it will ask you for the path of your ISO file. By clicking onto browse you will have to locate the ISO file in the computer. This location has to be the path associated with your ISO files destination.

  • After selecting the ISO file you can click onto next which takes this utility onto a next step.
  • The next step is to select the media we wish to use, as we are going to make a bootable USB drive so the type of media has to be USB. There is an option to keep DVD as the media too which implies that you can make a bootable DVD too through this application but for now we have to go through the USB process.

  • After selecting the media you need to erase all the contents present in the flash drive by pressing erase USB drive. This will format the USB drive and make it free to be used particularly from this process.

  • When you will click next the utility will show you a tagline “creating bootable drive, just wait for the Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool to prepare the drive and copy the Windows 8 installation files to it”.

  • The download tool will start formatting the drive, after that it will start copying the contents and as soon as this will be completed you will come across a labeled line that Bootable USB drive created successfully. If tall the steps would have been incurred properly a Bootable USB drive would be ready to be operated.

This completes the process and your bootable windows 8 Usb Drive is made and prepared to be used as an installation media. Now you simply have to boot your computer through the USB drive and you would be easily able to install new windows on your computer. The maximum time period to install Windows 8 is almost 20-30 minutes with great ease.

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