How To Make A Folder Invisible?

Hai friends! here is an awsome trick to Hide a folder without any software or hardwork.

Using this trick You can do two things,

  1. Creating A Folder Without Name.
  2. Making An Invisible Folder.

The Later is derived from the former one.

Creating a folder without name:

  • Create a New Folder on the desktop or elsewhere.
  • Rename the folder as follows, Hold Alt and type 0160 Using the numbers on the right of your keyboard.
  • Now remove Alt and press Enter.
  • That’s it, Now u have created a folder without Name. 🙂

Making An Invisible Folder:

Creating an invisible folder is very simple. Just do the above things and create a folder without name. Then follow the below steps.

  • Right click the folder and go to Properties.
  • Select the Customize Tab.
  • In the Folder icons section, click the Change Icon button.
  • Move the navbar, you can find empty spaces in between various icons. Select any one empty space among them and press Ok.
  • Now, you will see nothing unless you click that place, where your folder was previously present.
If you have any problem in doing this just leave a comment. I will help you.

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