Why Is Blu Ray Better Than Standard DVD?

Blu ray quality is now being considered as the best quality of picture for home theaters and the like. High Definition or HD and DVD have been defeated by Blu Ray that has earned its spot in the home cinema and theater movie watching, so much so that it has completely changed the meaning of them. Here are some advantages of Blu Ray over standard DVD.

Great Picture Quality: 

The picture quality of Blu ray is way ahead of that of standards DVD. There is actually no comparison between the two due to the fact that several old movies look better on Blu Ray than many new ones on a standard DVD. Once a person sees a movie in Blu Ray there is a rare chance he would ever wish going back to HD or DVD. For people who occasionally see movies for their content, they may not feel of a difference in the two although the difference would still be there to be seen. But the movie fans who are fond of seeing each new coming movie on the best possible picture quality, they got no better option than Blu Ray from seeing it.

Great Audio Quality: 

It is very disappointing to have seen a movie that has poor audio quality and the viewers are barely able to understand what the characters are saying. This not only spoils all the fun of it but also makes the movie look bad without a purpose. In case of Blu Ray the voice quality has improved manifolds thus making it a very viewer friendly thing to have. Some people also ate it as having a mind blowing video quality. While seeing some light background having a movie that has the least of songs and action music, this feature gets a little on the side.

Added Features: 

Blu Ray has a great added feature in the form of popup menus that allow easy and instant access to the movie options where the movie continues to play. The picture in picture feature is also intriguing and so is the feature that enables downloading of movies directly from the Blu Ray player.

Greater Disk Space: 

A standard DVD holds a capacity of just 8GBs that now seems quite a small number of disks that are now available in the market. A Blu Ray comes with higher quality and it is thus much heavier than the standard print, this makes it important to have a larger disk space at around 30 to 40 GB. But the disks meant for Blu Ray comes with up to 50 GBs of space. This makes sure that the next time a person sees a movie as good as Titanic after buying a titanic 3d Blu ray DVD then he gets satisfied to have had made a good use of his money.

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