Fix 25 Common Windows xp Problems Caused by Malicious Activities [Freeware]

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Hai Guys here is a tool which allows you to fix 25 common windows xp problems which are mostly caused by Virus activities on your pc.
This includes, problems with your task manager, registry editor, Opening of My Document at windows startup, etc.. which are all caused by viruses or malicious software installed on your PC.

This is a must have tool, which will help you one or another day, if you are using Windows XP.

Here is a list of problems that can be fixed by using this software:

  1. Enable Task Manager.
  2. Enable Registry Editor.
  3. Stop My Documents Open At Startup.
  4. Enable folder options.
  5. Restore missing run dialog.
  6. Enable CMD.
  7. Restore My Computer Properties.
  8. Restore Device Manager.
  9. Fix delay opening My Computer/Explorer.
  10. Restore Greyed Explorer and Taskbar Toolbars.
  11. Restore My Documents Properties.
  12. Remove OEM Splash and Wallpaper.
  13. Restore My Network Places to Desktop.
  14. Enable Recovery Console.
  15. Restore Greyed File Associations.
  16. Fix Right click error.
  17. Fix Slow Network – File/Shared/Remote.
  18. Restore Network Icon to system tray.
  19. Fix slow hotkeys.
  20. CD/DVD drive is missing or not recognized.
  21. Fix CD Autoplay.
  22. Restore “Send To” context Menu Item.
  23. Restore the Native zip file integration.
  24. Fix Error 1606 Could not Access Network Location.
  25. Error when trying to access Add or Remove programs.
Size: 524.51KB
Supports: Windows XP
License: Freeware [?]

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