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Have Windows 8 Failed In Spite Of Its Many New Functions Such As Password?

Since the release of Windows 8, it has been over two months. Though Microsoft has made many changes on the new operation system, according to an article from eWeek, it doesn’t sell well. And still some industry observers agree that Windows 8 is totally a failure. They insist that some new features aren’t practical at all. Take Windows 8 password as an example. Opponents claim that once they forgot the Picture Password, it is not easy to get Windows 8 password reset, and also, it is not safer than traditional password at all. Therefore, dose it means that Windows 8 will end up with a failure? Of course not!

Reason 1: Microsoft has just began its fighting

Advertising Age said that Microsoft will spend $1 billion in advertising Windows 8. If you watch TV in USA, you will find that advertisement for Windows 8 is everywhere, just like the advertisement for President Election.

Reason 2: Equipments for Windows 8 will be on sale in large scale

It is said that the production of Windows 8 equipment will slowly grow. As a result, there will be 21 million sets in the end of next year, while there are only 3.8 million sets in the end of this year.

Reason 3: The professional version of Windows 8 will be released

The first batch of sets is for Windows RT, which is only suitable for computers with ARM processor. At the end of next January, the professional version of Windows 8 will be published to adapt to computers equipped with Intel X 86 processor.

Reason 4: Users need time to adapt to the new interface

Since the big changes made on Windows 8 interface, especially the lack of start button and the desktop full of images, users find it hard to get used. While, as time goes by, and with the efforts of publicity from Microsoft, we do believe that users will get familiar with Windows 8.

Actually, the advantages overweight disadvantages in Windows 8. Meanwhile, some disadvantages can be overcome with some tools. For example, just like the Windows Server 2008 password recovery tool, we can also find some software to reset our Windows 8 password now. I do believe that Windows 8 is promising. What do you think?

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